World Rally Against Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting is the stalking and killing of wild animals with guns or bows and arrows with the purpose of obtaining part of the animal as a trophy to represent the success of the hunt. The League believes this multi-million-pound international industry is utterly unjustifiable from an animal welfare point of view but also for conservation reasons as it is pushing some of the world's most threatened species toward extinction. Trophy hunting is happening in the UK too as we have seen in recent press articles and from our work with Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting, campaigning to stop trophy hunting in Woburn, Bedfordshire.

On Saturday 8th February I was pleased to join members of our West Midlands, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire supporter groups at the Worldwide Rally for Trophy Hunting  (WRATH) in Birmingham. It was an extremely well organised event by Jenny Nolan from End Trophy Hunting and All Animal Exploitation . This is a worldwide event aiming at creating awareness of the impact and cruelty of trophy hunting on species around the world but this year in Birmingham there was also a focus on cruelty to our own wildlife such as illegal hunting, the badger cull and the “Great British Shooting Show” which takes place at the Birmingham NEC. This year was the fourth year the event has been held in Birmingham and over the last year Jenny has been lobbying hard to stop the shooting show. Her petition has reached 123,000 signatures so far.  Although the shooting show will still take place this week Jen informed us that she will be having meetings with influential people about its future.

Luckily the weather held for us and the day although cold was very successful. There were a number of great speakers, please look at the event page for photographs and films of the speeches.

I was pleased to update the crowd on our continuing work with Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting exposing the Trophy Hunting that takes place at Woburn Deer park. If you have not previously heard about the campaign please take a look at the articles on our website. Last year we wrote to the Duke of Bedford asking him to stop inviting tour companies to the park to shoot stags for trophies. Stags can be shot for up to £25,000 and these are not the only species on offer, on the list are Soay sheep and even wallabies. Unfortunately, the killing for sport, of rare stags and deer on the park will be continuing into the near future as the Duke has no intention of ending it. Dressing up Trophy Hunting as “Deer management”  has no place in a civilised society.  If you want to take action and help us end these sickening shoots there are a number of ways you can do so.

  • Join us at a demo or at a leafletting event this year, you can check our events page on our website.
  • Sign up to our campaigns here
  • Write to Woburn Abbey and Gardens, Woburn, Bedfordshire, MK17 9WA or email them at
  • Keep an eye on Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting’s Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • If you are local to Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire please join our new local supporter group by emailing me

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