Why Wales should focus on ‘game’ birds in 2021

As 2021 rolls in, attention turns to the devolved nations as we hold our national elections. These elections matter to Wales for many reasons, but one that needs to be discussed more is ‘game’ bird shooting. More specifically the growing calls for a ban on caged breeding and snaring in Wales.

Animal cruelty in ‘sport’ comes in many forms and none of them are acceptable. On sheer scale however, game bird shooting is the biggest killer of the lot and perhaps the cruelest elements of this cruel ‘sport’ are caged breeding and snaring. Both caged breeding and snaring are rife in Wales and issues which the Senedd has the power to ban – we believe they should.

Game bird shooting

Wales has already shown it leads the way against ‘game’ bird shooting in the UK with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) banning shooting on public land in 2018. This followed a successful campaign by the League, Animal Aid and other animal welfare campaigners. Now we call on the Government to also take action against the caged breeding of game birds and snaring – which is intrinsically linked to the shooting industry.

We’re calling on every party to stand up for animals in Wales by banning the use of cages in game bird breeding as well as the sale, possession, use and manufacturing of snares across Wales.

Tens of thousands of breeding birds across Wales are trapped in small cages for much of their life to facilitate game shooting. For breeding birds, this is nothing more than a life of cruelty to facilitate an already cruel industry. A significant number of game birds bred in Wales are transported to the rest of the UK to be shot.

Similarly, according to DEFRA, there could be up to 51,000 snares laid at any one time in Wales, many of which will likely be centered around shooting estates and breeding sites. Snares are indiscriminate and whilst they are often used to target predators to game birds, such as foxes, any wild animal could be caught in a snare. All too often we hear heartbreaking cases of pets being caught too. For many this is a death sentence, and those that survive are often maimed or seriously injured.

Snaring and caged breeding are cruel and must be banned.

Animals don’t have a voice, but you do. We need you to be their voice. We need you to tell your MSs that you support bans on caged breeding and snaring.

Last year, we submitted a petition with over 5000 signatures to the Senedd asking them to ban caged breeding of game birds in Wales. This is currently being considered by the Petitions Committee. Write to your MS and make sure they have seen the petition.

For 2021 this campaign will be a major focus for the League. Sign up below to support our campaign in Wales to ban caged breeding and snaring.

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