The League goes to university

Pheasant shooting season starts today.

It’s estimated that between 41 and 50 million pheasants and red-legged partridges are released into the countryside every year just to be shot out of the sky for ‘fun’. Many will not be killed instantly and will suffer cruel, painful deaths, often via the beaters’ sticks.

That includes pheasants released on land owned by the University of Reading.

Last Wednesday and Thursday we had a street stall outside the Whiteknights campus at the University of Reading, where we spoke to both students and members of the public who were shocked to hear that the university leases its land at Hall farm for gamebird shooting.

League campaigners at the University of Reading

Words used and often repeated over the two days included:

“That’s cruel.”

 I hate that happening at my university.”

“That is disgusting allowing people to come on the university’s land to shoot.”

“I can’t believe it. The university is really proactive in talking about climate change and environmental issues, yet they allow this.”

“There is a lovely lake on the campus with amazing wildlife the university is always promoting, it does not make sense why they would allow birds to be shot.”

“Why can’t the university use that land for something else? Clay pigeon shooting would be better.”

League campaigner talking to a student from University of Reading

We are very pleased to tell you that the university is listening and communicating with us, and will be launching a consultation on the issue of shooting at Hall Farm very soon.

We do hope that the university also listens to its students and with more than 69 percent of the public opposing the shooting birds for sport the only right thing to do is to scrap the shooting lease when it comes up for renewal next year.

Students and members of the public from University of Reading supporting the League

You can still help us by taking action here! Thank you!

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