The Festival of Hunting a celebration of the brutal world of fox hunting

It’s shocking that a festival celebrating the criminal world of fox hunting is still taking place in this country. But that is exactly what is happening in Peterborough this July with the go ahead of the Festival of Hunting which celebrates this brutal and cruel activity.

It is incredulous that there is a festival of hunting at all. Even after senior huntsman Mark Hankinson was found guilty of teaching hunts how to break the Hunting Act 2004, this celebration of killing continues (despite its only sponsor being the Countryside Alliance). The hunting community carries on with impunity, one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.

On the 20 July hunts from all over the country will flock to the East of England Showground in Peterborough to take part in this festival that celebrates all things hunting with hounds. Hunting with hounds is an illegal activity abhorrent to the majority of people in the United Kingdom. Hunting should be properly banned not celebrated.

What are we doing at the League to try and stop this?

Last year we supported councillors who put forward a motion to ban the festival. Sadly, this motion was lost but it showed there was plenty of appetite to end this festival of cruelty. We also leafleted on the street and some of our local supporters wrote letters to their local papers.

This year we have been back in the city centre with our wonderful volunteers, talking to the public about the barbaric Festival of Hunting that takes place in Peterborough every year. We always get the same shocked reaction from the public, “Why is there a festival?” said one “Fox hunting is illegal!”

On 17 June we held a panel event at the Bull hotel in Peterborough. Joining Chris Luffingham, our deputy CEO and Director of External Affairs was Kate on Conservation and Dominic Dyer from the Born Free Foundation. Chaired by John Baker from Peterborough Matters topics discussed were hunting with dogs, the Hunting Act 2004 and the Festival of Hunting. Audience members agreed that the Festival of Hunting should be consigned to history where it belongs. Hunting should be banned not celebrated.

Peterborough hunt saboteurs told the audience of the intimidation they have received by the Fitzwilliam hunt and the illegal hunting they regularly witness from chasing wildlife to the blocking of roads. You can read more about our event in the Ecologist and the Peterborough Telegraph.

We have also been calling on you to contact your MP to ask them to condemn the Festival of Hunting and to strengthen the Hunting Act so the killing can finally be stopped.

If you hear from your MP, please let us know. We know of at least one MP telling constituents they plan to attend and support the festival. However, others will be shocked that such a celebration of criminality is even taking place and oppose it, just as most of their constituents will.

Take Action

What can you do?

As well as contacting your MP you can also leaflet in your town or city. Email us at can provide you with all the materials you need.

Without supporters like you we couldn’t do what we do or have all the successes we have had.

If you are nearby please join us in Peterborough city centre on 20 July, the day of the Festival of Hunting, where we will be urging local people to help us consign this hideous festival to the history books for good. We will have leaflets, T-shirts and placards.

If you do have social media help us get our message out there. Please share our film with your family and friends.

Thank you for being on the side of animals. The League will continue to campaign for an end to the Festival of Hunting whilst it still takes place.

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