You’re having an impact – but we must keep pushing for a ban on snaring and caged breeding

Throughout this election period you, our supporters, have helped send over 16,000 emails to candidates in the Senedd elections in Wales! These emails have had an impact already with positive commitments on animal welfare included in several party manifestos. For example, this includes a commitment from the Labour Party to ban snaring and restrict the use of cages for farmed animals in Wales.

Polling day is now less than a week away and we’re urging all our supporters to check the latest information on where each party and candidate stands on animal welfare issues before voting. The League knows this is a time-consuming task so to help we’ve summarised the animal welfare commitments of all major parties in one place.

Sometimes individual candidate positions will be different to their parties. For that reason we’re also collecting information on where Senedd candidates stand on the banning of caged breeding and snaring in Wales. We recommend checking out our data below

Candidates views

This data is based on a survey sent to all candidates by our fantastic supporters. You may have received a response from a candidate who has not filled out our survey. If so, please forward on their response to to make sure our data is as up to date as possible but polling day.

Check back on both of these pages before you vote.

In Wales, at least 8 million ‘game’ birds are produced each year to be shot for sport, many of which are bred in cages with as little space per bird as an A4 sheet of paper. Whoever forms the next Welsh Government has the power to end this cruelty.

To protect these birds from natural predators there may be up to 51,000 snares laid in the Welsh countryside at any one time. These snares are cruel and indiscriminate. They may catch ‘target’ species such as foxes or they may catch other animals like badgers, hedgehogs or even pets.

Wales is in a position where it could become the driving force for improved animal welfare of all nations in the UK, particularly when it comes to game birds. The League is calling on MSs to ban the manufacture, sale, possession and use of snares during the next Senedd as well as end the caged breeding of ‘game’ birds. With your help Wales can achieve what no other nation in the UK has so far in banning these barbaric, outdated, and cruel practices.

We have the opportunity to end both snaring and the caged breeding of ‘game’ birds in Wales. Help us make sure this isn’t a missed opportunity. Be the voice for animals and lobby your MSs today.

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