The League at Pup Aid 2018

The amount of support we had over the weekend at Pup Aid 2018 was fantastic! It was great to meet compassionate, like-minded individuals who wanted to know more about our campaigns and what it is they can do to give a voice to these animals and help put a stop to cruel ‘sports’ such as dog fighting, greyhound racing and hunting.

We set off early on Saturday morning fully equipped with our League gazebo, red fox toys, ‘Hunting Kills’ t-shirts, informative leaflets and a positive mindset; feeling excited for this wonderful event where people come together in support of ending puppy farming, strengthening legislation and being a voice for these animals.

As it was my first time attending Pup Aid, I wasn’t sure what to expect, however it exceeded expectations! There was an incredible variety of dog breeds, big, small, fluffy and tall – from the most magnificent Great Danes and Bernese Mountain dogs, to the tiniest chihuahuas and toy poodles, each with their own story. Many puppies I had the chance to meet had been rescued from horrific forms of dog abuse such as puppy farming and dog fighting. A sweet, timid French Bulldog that had been rescued only the day before had the remnants of being bred tirelessly as her underbelly was still swollen and exasperated. Despite this cruelty she had endured, she seemed so happy to be out socialising with other pups alike, in the fresh air and amongst those who love and care for her dearly. Another French Bulldog could only see out of one eye after tragically being kicked in the right-side of the head by his previous ‘owners’. Both, harrowing realities of this awful trade, yet these dogs instil so much trust and faith in humans, so it’s crucial we don’t let them down and give them the voice that they deserve. Both of these pups had been rescued by the amazing Pheonix French Bulldog Rescue.

Sophie, Chloe and Andy holding placards for #EndDogFighting at Pup Aid 2018

On a puppy farm, breeding dogs and puppies are usually kept in appalling dark conditions, riddled with infectious diseases. To stop this horrific puppy farming trade, we must simply stop the demand. That’s why it’s important to raise awareness through events like Pup Aid by educating more of the public on the impact of puppy farming and other animal cruelty alike, such as dog fighting. Dogs forced into fighting suffer terrible injuries, both during fights and at the hands of their vicious ‘owners’. Many will ultimately be killed or die soon after their injuries. People wanted to find out more about this cruel ‘sport’ and how they can help by keeping a watchful eye on dog fighting occurrences. If you hear any information on suspected dog fighting you can report it to our Animal Crimewatch service. If you would like to support our work, have you considered becoming a member of the League? Support us and become an integral part of our work tackling dog fighting and other horrific forms of animal cruelty.

Finn the German Shepherd showing support against dog fighting at Pup Aid 2018
Bull dog supporting us at Pup Aid 2018

The day proved to be a huge success: members and supporters - old and new, showing passion and interest in our campaigns whether they were signing up, kindly donating, purchasing merchandise or reading our information and spreading awareness. We value every single one of you! It was great to be amongst so many other charities, organisations and dog-loving volunteers all with animals at the heart of what they do. The atmosphere was fantastic, with dogs from all kind of backgrounds creating a buzz, reminding us all about why we do what we do. Meeting Marc Abraham (Marc the Vet), the founder of Pup Aid was inspiring, especially to see such an amazing turn out from the public too! All in all, it was brilliant for the League to be part of one of the biggest puppy welfare events of the year.

Team photo with Pup Aid Founder, Marc Abraham (Marc the Vet)


Bertie Knott supporting us at PupAid

Further information:

  • If you have any information please contact our confidential Animal Crimewatch line. Call 01483 361 108 or email

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