New poll says opposition to fox hunting could change election outcome in many constituencies

Plans to allow for fox hunting to become legal again could make a decisive difference to the outcome of next week's general election.

A new poll conducted by Survation1 could turn the election on its head. Almost four out of five voters believe that fox hunting should not be made legal again in the UK, according to a new poll conducted over the last weekend. 78% say that fox hunting should not be made legal again in the UK (excluding don't knows of 14%).

The poll shows that half of all voters are less likely to vote for candidates who want to make fox hunting legal again. A third of all voters are much less likely to support such candidates.

Only 3% of voters – approximately 1 in 30 - are much more likely to vote for candidates favouring fox hunting.

Over a quarter of people currently intending to vote Conservative (27.5% of them) are less likely to vote for candidates supporting fox hunting.

Most voters would also think less favourably of the next government if it gave time in the next Parliament for new legislation to bring back fox hunting. 55% said that they would feel less favourably towards such a government and only 8% more so.

Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports, Eduardo Gonçalves commented:

“The numbers speak for themselves. Hunting has become one of the big issues in this election, and it is now clear that it is an extremely toxic one for any pro-hunt candidate. Some candidates pledged to repeal the ban in order to appease the small but vocal hunt lobby. Looking at these figures, those candidates might just find themselves on the losing end on election night.

“This is an issue the public feel very passionate about and, as today’s polling indicates, it can and will swing votes in many of the constituencies that will ultimately decide this election. Fox hunting has been made an election issue in a way that has never happened before, and as a result many marginal seats are potentially back in play.”

“The League Against Cruel Sports does not support any political party, but urges people to find out where candidates stand on the issue. It is clear that whoever wins, people do not want the next government to spend time on legislation that may make legal again this very cruel activity.”

The League’s website ... candidates to register their views on hunting, and for voters to see where their local candidate stands on the issue.

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Notes to Editors:

    1. Survation interviewed 1,009 UK adults aged 18+ via telephone between 26th-27th May 2017. Survation is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.
    2. According to Buzzfeed, foxhunting has been one of the most talked issues on social media during this election. “Away from voter registration and the alternative narrative about how the election's going, the single most viral topic was May's surprise proposal to reintroduce fox hunting – four stories in the top 20 are about it, with another 10 in the top 250. All of the most shared stories about fox hunting had either a neutral or negative sentiment, suggesting that it's an issue that resonates strongly with those opposed to it. 

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