Campaigners on Manchester’s streets call for an end to fox hunting on National Trust land

Volunteers and staff from the leading national animal welfare charity, including one in a fox costume, gathered at Piccadilly Gardens to urge the public to take action and sign up to its National Trust campaign.

Nick Weston, head of campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said: “It is evident that tragically fox hunting is still taking place across England and Wales despite the ban, so we are calling on the National Trust to stop licensing ‘trail’ hunts on its land once and for all.”

The day of action in Manchester is one of a series of League actions taking place across the country this summer ahead of the National Trust’s AGM in October, when there will be a vote in which members will get the chance to call for a permanent ban on the licensing of trail hunting.

Nick added: “By taking to the streets of Manchester, we were able to meet hundreds of people and get them to sign up to our campaign calling for the National Trust to end the licensing of trail hunts.

“The appearance of the League fox was met with an enthusiastic reception, brought a smile to people’s faces and helped us get over our message – that National Trust members have the chance to vote on this important issue at their AGM in October and end hunting on its land for good.”

The National Trust to its credit paused the licensing of trail hunting after this, but it is now time to have the ban made permanent.


Notes to editors

Enclosed are links to two photos of the League Against Cruel Sports ‘fox’, members of the public staff, volunteers and staff at Piccadilly Gardens.

Enclosed is a link to our web page on the realities of what trail hunting really is.

Social distancing, masks and hand sanitisers were used at all times and staff took a Covid-19 lateral flow test in advance of the day of campaigning. 

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