League’s renewed calls to Arsenal owner: take down trophy hunting channel

The League voiced strong condemnation of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke’s launch of his MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) channel in the UK earlier this month, which was set to feature trophy hunting programmes showing the killing of animals such as elephants, lions, buffalo and deer for ‘sport’.

Our petition calling for Stan Kroenke to cancel the channel received more than 20,000 signatures in support, in less than forty-eight hours.

Mr Kroenke appeared to swiftly U-turn, by announcing he was dropping trophy hunting from the channel, a move the League thanked him for. Disappointingly, our investigations over the days that followed, revealed the channel had pulled programmes showing the killing of iconic species such as elephants and lions, but that hunting for ‘sport’ of other animals such as black bear, deer and Cape buffalo, was still widespread across the channel.

The League does not want a channel showing horrific videos of animals being hunted and killed for ‘sport’ and is continuing to pressure Stan Kroenke to take his channel down. Read our open letter to Mr Kroenke below and help the League bring an end to this sickening TV channel by signing the petition.

Dear Mr Kroenke,

It is unfortunate that you appear to be playing a game with the British public in regards to your trophy hunting channel. After the justified anger at your decision to launch a channel showing the killing of animals for sport, you appeared to show good judgement by announcing that the channel would remove the offensive material.

However, we now realise that this was a tricksy bit of spin. You have removed material involving the animals which made the headlines, such as lions and elephants. But you are still showing an abundance of sickening trophy and ‘sport’ hunting footage, including bears, buffalo, elk and crocodiles. These might not be such iconic species but glamourising their deaths which are only happening for ‘fun’ is equally repugnant.

Given your action, we can also guess that once the publicity dies down, lions and elephants will once again appear on your channel, being slaughtered for fun. On behalf of the British public, we ask that you take this channel down immediately. We do not want the glorification of blood sports in this country, and the British public do not take kindly to being hoodwinked.

Yours sincerely,

Philippa King,

Acting Chief Executive Officer, League Against Cruel Sports

Photo: Pim Stouten. Creative Commons Licence 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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