Out-of-control hunting hounds continue to terrify livestock

In late January this year, many of her rescue animals were left “very distressed” after hunting hounds trespassed onto her small holding whilst in pursuit of a fox, despite claims that they were ‘trail’ hunting, in which the hounds follow a pre-laid trail.

The sanctuary owner, who wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from the hunt, said: “It totally got out of hand that day.

“I don’t believe that for one minute that they weren’t on the scent. They had no control over the dogs whatsoever.

“It was quite a disturbing day, actually.

Her account can be heard in this video.

A similar incident occurred in December 2018, when out of control hounds trespassed onto an alpaca farm and terrorised the animals.

The hounds ran through fields where 65 alpacas were being kept, 24 of which were pregnant. As the animals desperately attempted to flee, one was injured after it ran into a fence.

The owner had to temporarily close the farm, with concerns that the stress could cause the pregnant animals to abort their young.

The League received 65 reports of livestock worrying during the last hunting season, from October until March.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at the League said: “In both of these incidents, the hunt staff were unable to control the hounds.

“Despite these illegal activities taking place - and that they took place on private property - the hunt still claimed to be ‘trail hunting. This is clearly false and the events that occurred were unlawful."

‘Trail’ hunting is an activity that the National Trust licenses to take place on its land, but a vote on whether this activity should continue is expected to take place at the Trust’s annual meeting in October.

The League is asking the public to support us to stop ‘trail’ hunting on National Trust land.

Find out how, here: https://www.league.org.uk/nationaltrust

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