Christmas Cupcake: An Update

Earlier this year, Cupcake the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was making headline news as a victim of dog fighting. The life of cruelty she had been subjected to left her scarred, with blunt teeth, head trauma and (unsurprisingly) very wary of human beings.

When the League was first introduced to Cupcake, she had been taken in and homed by ‘Kay’, who has been helping her back on the long journey to becoming a normal dog again. As Kay knows her best, I will allow her to let you know how Cupcake is doing:

Darling Cupcake enjoys the outdoors and has spent much of the summer either sunbathing or roaming around the garden and orchard of her peaceful forever home in the country with her doggy friends. Her favourite pastime is playing ball and she is excellent at retrieval even though she has very poor vision in her left eye and therefore can't always see where it has landed.  She adores her walks and is always keen to explore new places. 

Her left eye continues to deteriorate and the old nerve damage, scarring and ulceration make her prone to constant infections and keratitis. The vet has now proposed eye removal but it is such a big decision, it will not be made until all other options, including alternative medicine and healing have been explored. 

Her trust of people and other dogs continues to grow and she will now occasionally allow some of the other dogs she lives with to cuddle up to her during the evening as long as they don't make her feel penned in. She used to do her best to keep her distance from them or would jump up very frantically and run away if any tried to get close to her but she is learning to relax now.

She is still very uncomfortable and worried by any of the dogs playing together and will squirm and hide or run around frantically and become extremely distressed.

Time is a great healer and so each day she leaves her past a little further behind her and embraces her new life full of love and kindness.”

Here at the League Against Cruel Sports we are so glad to hear that Cupcake is doing well, and will continue to fund her vet care.

If you know of any illegal dog fighting activity in your area, please report it to our Animal Crimewatch team.

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