Campaigning against cruelty

As a campaigning organisation, the League Against Cruel Sports relies on the time, effort and skill of our dedicated volunteers to help us achieve our aims.

With a growing number of supporter groups across the country and more volunteers for these groups than ever before, the potential of our campaigns is at the highest point since I started at the League in 2017.

Our supporters have an unrivalled passion for animal welfare, and we want to help them channel that passion into change.

Recently we were joined by supporters at our Baronsdown Wildlife Sanctuary in Somerset for a workshop to match that passion with campaigning skills. As always, neither the training day nor the location disappointed.

Herd of deer in Baronsdown wildlife sanctuary, with bales of hay in the background

This campaigns workshop was an opportunity for us to help our volunteers hone their grassroots campaigning skills at a time when it’s looking increasingly likely they’ll be needed.

Supporter at Baronsdown Campaign Workshop

By bringing in an external expert on election campaigning our volunteers as well as our campaigns team were able to improve their knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical campaigning.

Baronsdown is a large estate free from cruelty to animals surrounded by one of the most intensely hunted regions of the country. It truly is a beautiful place and incredibly important to the herds of deer and other animals that know it as an area of peace, free from persecution, in the middle of a sea of barbarity.

Red deer calf looking at camera

As an animal welfare campaigner, it’s easy to get bogged down and feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problems facing animals in the UK, but days like this give me faith. To be able to spend the day with some of the most passionate and knowledgeable campaigners in a safe haven such as Baronsdown is one of the beauties of the League.

This isn’t the first supporter training day at Baronsdown, and it certainly won’t be the last. For those who can’t make it to Somerset we are also planning similar events elsewhere in the country. Each one so far has focused on different elements of our campaigns and each one, in my view, has been valuable to both us as a campaigns team and most importantly, our supporters.

Wondering how to take part in one of our training days at Baronsdown? It’s simple, join us and help us campaign to bring an end to cruel sports.

Inspired to get more involved with the League? Why not visit our Supporter Group Page and find a group near you. Or if there isn’t group near you, email to talk about the possibility of setting one up.

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