With great power, comes great responsibility

The National Trust is the second-largest land owner in the country – responsible for over 250,000 hectares of countryside and 61,776 acres of woodland – and they issue hunting licences on their land.

They have a responsibility not only to the animals that call their land home, but to their supporters who believe they are safeguarding wildlife, not condoning acts of cruelty.

It is paramount that National Trust members discover the truth

On 21 October, National Trust members will have the opportunity to vote against these hunting licences. With 4.2 million National Trust members, we need to ensure we communicate with as many of them as possible so they can make an informed decision when the ballot boxes open.


There are weaknesses in the hunting ban that hunters are exploiting – excuses such as exercising the hounds or falsified exempt hunting are all ways hunters can still obtain a licence – a licence which is basically a free-pass for hunters.

Secuence of 2 images of a pack of hounds chasing a stag in National Trust land
A pack of hounds chase a stag in National Trust land

How your donation can help:

  • £10 could allow us to educate 146,000 new people through targeted social media advertising
  • £30 could allow us to ensure at least 9% of National Trust supporters know about these practices through an online campaign
  • £50 could allow us to be present at National Trust properties and inform supporters of the truth, ahead of their vote

The licencing of hunts has to stop. The power of the National Trust’s member vote is monumental and fast approaching. If the vote isn’t successful, it will be another three years before the next opportunity arises.

Help us ensure the public and National Trust members know the truth - in time to make a real difference. Find out more about this issue, and how National Trust members can place their vote, on our National Trust – the Vote to Ban Trail Hunting page.