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How we treat animals defines us. Become a member of the League Against Cruel Sports today and you will join the movement to end hunting, shooting and animal fighting.

Driven by compassion and empowered by knowledge, we manage sanctuaries to protect wildlife, carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals, and campaign for stronger animal protection laws and penalties.

Membership gives you the opportunity to be a voice for animals. Stand with us as we lead the debate and inspire change.

United, we can end animal cruelty in the name of ‘sport’.


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Cupcake, rescue dog victim of dog fighting

Membership gifts ensure we can continue to help dogs like Cupcake, a victim of dog fighting who has been rescued and rehabilitated.

Thank you for choosing to fight animal cruelty

We will not stand by as stags are being brutally hunted as trophies; we believe just one bird being shot for ‘sport’ is too many; we say no dog is born to fight; we will expose the cruelty of illegal fox hunts one by one. Together, we can end animal cruelty in the name of ‘sport’.

Membership benefits

As a member, you not only provide a voice for animals, but also have the opportunity to make your own voice heard with our special membership benefits:

  • An invitation to join us every year at the AGM; discover first-hand the work that we do; make your voice heard; be directly involved in shaping the future of the League
  • Exclusive access to our largest wildlife sanctuary, Baronsdown, in Exmoor National Park. You will be given a personal tour by one of our wildlife experts, learn about the conservation work your support is making possible, and meet the herd of 100 deer and many other animals seeking refuge on our land.
  • Regular updates on the impact of your support, including three issues of our supporter magazine per year.
  • Welcome pack, including your personal membership card.

A landing buzzard


£2.00 a month (£24 a year)

Stag with two deer


£3.00 a month (£36 a year)

A doormouse sleeping


(under 16) - £1.00 a month (£12 a year)

Head of a male lion


£500 single gift

Three fox cubs


(2 adults) - £750 single gift

Success stories

An end to shooting in Wales

In the opening months of 2019, the League and our campaign partners Animal Aid, celebrated a decision by the courts to uphold a ban on shooting birds on public land in Wales, despite a challenge by shooting lobby groups. But the good news didn’t stop there. Thanks to ardent campaigning we also won another significant victory; the end of shooting at the University of Wales.

These are major victories and would not be possible without the action and donations of our supporters. Celebrating these milestones, and those that help us achieve them, is a vital part of any campaign, reminding us that together, we are making our society a better place for animals.

Not born to fight

A two-year investigation by the League has uncovered an international network which breeds, transports and fights dogs around the world, including the UK.

Our investigation into this global network began when we received a tip-off to our supporter-funded Animal Crimewatch reporting service about possible dog fighting in the Midlands area.  Carried out by our professional Investigators and specialist external contractors, the undercover work led us to an Eastern European national who was at the centre of a network breeding, transporting and fighting dogs all over the world. 

We shared our investigation with the BBC who supplemented our work with their own investigation which featured across BBC news programmes in February 2019.

This coverage sparked outrage, and enabled us to lead the debate about the need for stronger sentencing for animal crimes. All of this work is only possible thanks to the donations from our supporters. Thank you.