Animal Crimewatch is a lifeline for animals. This service enables the public to report suspected incidents of animal cruelty by phone, online or by email to a team with over 120 years of enforcement experience.


The Animal Crimewatch Team are incredibly brave people working in a very dangerous world. From dog fighting, hunting and shooting to snaring we work on the frontline directly with the Police to detect, prevent and stop the use of animals in cruel sports.

We now receive around 100 calls per month! That’s almost 50% of the information provided to us about animal cruelty. Without this vital service, thousands of animals would suffer in silence and the people who commit these hideous acts of cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’ would go unpunished.

Right now, we need your help to invest in cutting-edge technology to trace, monitor and record crimes so Animal Crimewatch can defend more animals – no matter how perilous their situation may seem.

Donate now to invest in our Animal Crimewatch Team so we can continue to seek justice for animals used in cruel sports.

Yes, I want to help

Infographic explaining how Animal Crimewatch works with the photo of a red fox in the centre.

  • Your gift of £30 today would help towards buying professional licenses for a confidential database of information to help lead us to a network of criminality taking place in the UK.  

  • A donation of £50 would help to fund the vital software needed to efficiently act on intelligence received from Animal Crimewatch with the police, the government and non-governmental agencies who have the power to enforce tougher penalties on law breakers.

  • A contribution of £150 would help pay for one day of our surveillance operation. Your gift would help us collect crucial evidence from reports made to Animal Crimewatch to ensure people committing crimes against animals are held accountable.