Are you a member of the National Trust? If so, you could help us protect animals from being killed for ‘sport’.

Did you know the National Trust licenses some hunts to use its land for ‘trail’ hunting? Did you also know that during the last season alone, the League received 485 reports of incidents believed to be related to illegal fox hunting activity?

As these reports were spread over 57 different counties and relate to 110 separate hunts, it’s clear that ‘trail’ hunting is not such an innocent country pastime as some would have the world – and the National Trust - believe.

Help us stop 'trail' hunting happening on National Trust land. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll tell you more about how, together, we can effect real change on behalf of wild foxes.

After all, if ‘trail’ hunting is real, then why did the League receive 102 reports relating to badger sett interference - where either badger setts are blocked up to prevent foxes fleeing to safety, or dug up to get a fox out?

If ‘trail’ hunting is real, then why was a seven-month-old ginger cat torn apart by out of control hounds from the Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt on Christmas Eve? Those same hounds were then seen chasing a fox later on the same day.

And what about hounds out of control on railways lines? If ‘trail’ hunting was real then why was there a pack of hounds running loose on the mainline between Cardiff and London Paddington just after new year? It was one of three incidents involving hunting hounds on railway lines around new year that were reported to British Transport Police.

If ‘trail’ hunting was real this simply wouldn’t happen.

Take Action

This is where we need your help to stop ‘trail’ hunting happening on the National Trust’s land for good.

We’re looking for our supporters who have also been National Trust members since before January 2019 to help support a motion at the Trust’s Annual General Meeting on October 31 to ban ‘trail’ hunting.

If this is you, all we ask is that you email us at [email protected] and we can make a real change for wildlife.

The League, HoundsOff and supporters protesting at the National Trust AGM