A BBC investigation, initiated by our two-year inquiry, has exposed an international network which breeds, sells and transports dogs to take part in dog fights around the world, including the UK.

Dog fighting is one of the most extreme forms of animal abuse, not only for the violence the dogs endure during fights but for the extreme cruelty they suffer throughout their lives. Bred for the sole purpose of being repeatedly forced to fight, man’s best friend suffers daily at the brutal hands of dog fighters. Extensively trained, they are forced to run on treadmills until they are exhausted and kept in isolation which denies them the freedom to socialise. They will be repeatedly forced to fight, with many dying in the ring or soon after from their injuries.

Dog fighting shows humanity at its very worst and needs to be stopped.

Several dogs victims of dog fighting

With a pitiful maximum custodial sentence of only six months, we’re calling on the government to increase sentencing up to five years to reflect the severity of the violence and ensure animal abusers cannot keep animals in the future. We also urge the government to replace The Breed Specific Legislation with legislation that shifts the focus to ‘deed, not breed’. We will also be working closely with law enforcement agencies to raise awareness of dog fighting and encourage them to treat it as a ‘gateway’ crime to broader criminality.


How your £3 will help save man’s best friend:

Your £3 will help fund our continuing investigations, as we aim to uncover and gather the crucial evidence needed to convict other dog fighters and expose their network of cruelty. Your £3 will help save man’s best friend form a life of brutality.

A dog fighting pit with a fight going on

We will not roll over, will you?