Celebrities sign open letter calling to end dog fighting

We are being supported in our fight to end dog fighting in the UK by a growing list of politicians and celebrities. Here’s a letter they signed, with the names of our celebrity supporters below:

Dog fighting was outlawed almost 200 years ago. Yet, shockingly, dog fighting continues to be a significant animal welfare issue in the UK.

This is a terrible betrayal of our most faithful and much loved companions. Dogs forced into fighting suffer terrible injuries, both from the fights and at the hands of their vicious owners. Those involved in this ‘sport’ are often involved in more serious and organised crime including illegal firearms and drug supply, and must be stopped.

Investigations by animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports has revealed the extent of the problem – and how to tackle it. We need sentences that fit the crime, police forces to take it seriously and we need the public to be vigilant in reporting their suspicions about the people and places that may be involved.

Dog fighting may sound like something that belongs in history books. But it will continue to be with us unless we act now to banish it to the past. We call on the public to contact the League’s Animal Crimewatch on 01483 361108 if they witness or have evidence of dog fighting.

Yours faithfully,

Ricky Gervais
Graham Norton
Amanda Holden
Paul O’Grady
Nicky Campbell
Rachel Riley
Russell Tovey
Peter Egan
Tony Robinson
Bill Oddie
Gemma Atkinson
Dave Spikey
Chloe Meadows
Marc Abraham
Carol Royle
Tony Robinson
Bill Bailey
Alison Steadman
Ben Fogle 
Peter Wight 
John Bishop

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