To be able to stamp out dog fighting, we need to collect further intelligence and evidence to know what can effectively be done to stop the continuous cruelty associated with this underground activity. This is how we came to meet a tiny mastiff-cross puppy, we later named Vinny.

Vinny was being sold for his potential fighting abilities, destined for a life that doesn’t bear thinking about. Although he was now safe in the care of our investigators, his troubles were only just beginning. 

Being Christmas time, there weren’t many places available to care for Vinny. But attempts to find him a foster home were cut short when he quickly started to show signs of being very sick.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Philippa King took Vinny in to care for him, but when he arrived at her house he was already very weak. His eyes were weeping, he had apparent mange and was refusing to eat anything. Increasingly concerned about his health, Philippa took Vinny to the vets.  After numerous tests it was discovered Vinny had canine parvo virus and spent the next couple of weeks in intensive care in a critical condition. 

Thankfully Vinny came through it. He grew stronger and after a few weeks of love and rest he was ready for us to find his forever home – but of course by this time, there was no way Philippa was letting him go! So Vinny has stayed with her ever since and now as you can see he is not so little anymore!

Vinny the rescue dog playing with his tennis ball Vinny photos by Mark Bridger

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