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The League is campaigning in Wales to ban both snaring and the caged breeding of ‘game’ birds. Both snaring and caged breeding are intrinsically linked to the shooting industry. The League is calling on the Welsh government to ban both cruel practices to protect animals in Wales.

Wales is home to the largest game bird farm in Europe at Bettws Hall in Powys. Bettws Hall alone produces at least eight million ‘game’ birds each year to be shot for sport - during peak season up to 800,000 eggs a week are set in incubators.

To protect these birds once released, up to 51,000 snares may be laid across Wales at any one time. These snares are indiscriminate and can kill any animal unfortunate enough to cross their path. This can be ‘target’ species such as foxes but may also be other animals like Badgers, Hedgehogs or even pets. 

You can take action today to end the caged breeding of ‘game’ birds and snaring in Wales. Write to your candidates for Senedd asking them to commit to protecting animals by banning the cruelty of caged breeding and snaring.

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