Mulled wine, minced pies…and animals fleeing their death.

For most of us, Christmas is a time of love, laughter and family gatherings. It’s the season for celebrating traditions, but not all of them are cheerful.

As you gather with your loved ones, hounds crash through the countryside barking louder and louder, riders charge their horses faster and faster towards the hunt’s prey. A terrified mother fox becomes separated from her cubs and in the blink of an eye her family is quite brutally and quite literally, torn apart. For the troupes of foxes, herds of deer and husks of hare, this hunt season is far from a time of togetherness.


What law breakers will do to hide the truth

As the ‘festive’ outing of the Boxing Day Hunt is in the spotlight at this time of year, we all know what that means – everyone will be on their best behaviour. Jolly red faces to match their jolly red coats, pretending their hounds now only follow artificial trails.

Hunters use this time to glorify this inhumane sport and lead the public to believe there is real strength in the ‘law-abiding’ hunting community. But this is just a distraction from the brutality that occurs every other day of the season.


Beautiful hare in a snowy field

Please give a gift this Christmas, and help us reveal the true cruelty of this hunt season.

Despite the façade of the Boxing Day Hunt, we will work tirelessly to reveal the illegal activities that make a mockery of the hunting ban. They claim to be trail hunting but hunt monitors, who are out there on the front lines, have estimated that in 97% of the trail hunts they have witnessed, they did not see any evidence of trails being laid.

How your donation can help:

  • £15 can help us educate and lobby MPs to ensure they help defend the Hunting Act and the animals it protects
  • £30 can pay for warm clothing to protect our team from the harsh winter weather as they investigate the truth of the season
  • £50 can help us protect British wildlife with our ongoing campaigns to raise awareness


Our magnificent deer, beautiful foxes and spirited hares deserve a Christmas full of peace and love, just like the rest of us, but they continue to be killed for the ‘thrill of the chase’.

The general public is not aware of this cruelty – but you are. So this Christmas, help us to continue doing what we do best; investigate, educate and protect – and reveal the truth of the season.