The League is encouraged to learn that, following questions submitted on behalf of the League and partners One Kind by MSP Mark Ruskell, Scottish Natural Heritage will be carrying out a review of the legislation covering snares in Scotland.

According to a Defra study, 1.7 million animals per year fall victim to snares across the UK. While designed to catch and hold predator species, only 24% of animals caught in snares are foxes. The rest included non- target species such as badgers, deer, livestock, otters and even domestic pets like cats and dogs.

Whilst Scotland does not have a ban on snares, it does have stricter legislation than the rest of the UK – snare users must undergo training and snares laid must be tagged with an identifications number registered to the owner.

1,463 people have registered to use snares in Scotland, fewer than half the number expected when the legislation was introduced. There is also no provision for operators to be deregistered if they change jobs, retire or die.

The findings of the review are expected to be reported to Ministers by 31st December.

We hope that the review will lead to Scotland becoming the first snare free nation of the UK. We’ll be asking for your help to achieve this soon, particularly if you live in Scotland. Watch this space!

In the mean time, please join the tens of thousands who have signed a petition to ban snares throughout the UK.