Over the last two years, we’ve been campaigning hard for a real ban on foxhunting in Scotland, as we know that hunting with dogs continues here.

The Scottish Government have commissioned the Bonomy Review and promised to tighten the law, but we’re far from convinced that the proposed changes are going to amount to a full ban on hunting.

Our petition calling for a real ban had gathered 18,000 signatures but we wanted to get more. So on Saturday 30th, our volunteers, coordinated by Stewart McLean, went out in eight locations to spread the word.

We were out in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Falkirk, Irvine, Lochwinnoch, Dumfries, and Kirkcaldy. We started with a small but committed group, and were joined by other volunteers as the word spread.

League Scotland got a great reception with many people keen to support our call for a real hunting ban. Fergus the Fox joined us for a while in Buchanan Street in Glasgow and got a particularly good response.

Alison Johnstone, MSP for the Lothians, and Colin Smyth, who covers the South of Scotland, also came out to support the campaign.

We had a great day, our petition has now over 19,000 signatures, and many, many more people across Scotland know about and support our campaign for a real ban on hunting.

To our volunteers and supporters – thanks so much for all that you do. We rely on you to campaign for an end to animal cruelty in the name of ‘sport’, and you can make a real difference to the Scottish hunting laws.

To the Scottish Government – the vast majority of the Scottish public supports a full ban on hunting, and the First Minister is on record as opposing foxhunting. It’s time to put expectations into legislation, and introduce a real ban on foxhunting.