I adopted a dog saved from a lifetime of cruelty. His name is Vinny.

Vinny was just a few weeks old when investigators at the League Against Cruel Sports managed to save him from a dog fighting gang. He was in such bad health at the time that he had little hope for survival.

If Vinny had stayed with the dog fighting gang, he would have died. I’m so relieved he was saved. Please donate today and help protect more dogs who are forced to fight to the death.


There are so many dogs out there, just like Vinny, who urgently need your help.

These dogs can be subjected to brutal training regimes, pumped with drugs and often confined to horrendous conditions. They are left feeling confused and hopeless as they are forced to fight.

The dogs will quite literally put their life on the line, all to reward their owner with money, reputation and entertainment. But their unwavering loyalty may well cost them their life.

Man’s best friend deserves so much more. Can you give dogs urgent protection by donating today?


Vinny the pup on a blanket.

  • Give £10 and you could help us campaign for a national register of animal abusers, to help stop convicted dog fighting gangs from harming dogs ever again.
  • Give £20 and you could help us run a police training course, helping the law enforcers to spot key signs of dog fighting.
  • Give £50 and you could help pay for the specialist technical equipment for carrying out a new targeted investigation into dog fighting.

Vinny the pup on a white backgroundIf you love dogs as much as I do, then please, this Christmas I urge you to help protect some of the most vulnerable dogs who are bred, stolen or sold into a life of cruelty. Dogs who are forced to fight against their will.

Dogs who have no hope, and desperately need us to be fighting for their injustice.

Together, we can help make sure more dogs are protected from the brutality of dog fighting, and never become part of this so-called ‘sport’.

Thank you for your support this Christmas.

Philippa King
Acting Chief Executive Officer
(and Vinny’s companion)