Imagine how many animals would suffer if it wasn’t possible to report animal crime?

Thankfully, the League Against Cruel Sports operates a confidential Animal Crimewatch Hotline which enables the public to report suspected incidents of animal cruelty.

Almost 50% of the information provided to us about animal cruelty comes via our Animal Crimewatch Hotline. Without this vital service, thousands of animals would suffer in silence and criminals would continue to get away with these unjust acts of cruelty.

Please donate to our Calling for Justice Appeal today and together we can keep this life line for animals open.


Since the service first began in 2012, we have seen a steady increase in the volume of calls, emails and online reports. On average we now receive approximately 100 calls a month, making it one of the most used hotlines for reporting animal crime to date.

Infographic explaining how Animal Crimewatch works with the photo of a red fox in the centre.

We are just one of a few animal welfare charities in the UK which operate a service dedicated to preventing animal crime and our intelligence team of five have over 120 years of experienced combined.

The information we receive though Animal Crimewatch can provide crucial information which helps us to:

  • Carry out in-depth investigations
  • Provide evidence needed to ensure people committing animal crimes are held accountable
  • Fight for much tougher penalties so animals receive the justice they deserve

Martin Sims, Director of Investigations, explains in this video what is Animal Crimewatch and how it works:

Animal Crimewatch costs £39,250 per year to run and we rely solely on the support of people like you.

If you’d like to help protect the thousands of animals who rely on our voice to report animal crime then please donate to our Calling for Justice Appeal today.


Infographic - Animal Crimewatch statisticsHere are just a few ways your donation could help…

<£10> could help fund our Animal Crimewatch Hotline so members of the public can continue to report animal cruelty cases to us confidentially.

<£20> could help maintain the software needed to share intelligence to the police, the government and non-governmental agencies, so animal crime in the UK can be prevented.

<£50> could help fund an investigation, allowing our team of investigators to gather crucial evidence needed to bring criminals to justice.

Many different species of animals are affected by cruel sports. But thanks to your eyes, ears and voice more and more incidents of animal cruelty are being reported to us every year.

Thank you for your support. No animal deserves to be injured or killed for so called ‘sport’ and by working together, we can ensure those who commit these unjust actions are punished accordingly.