There is a very real danger this election could deliver a pro-hunt majority in the House of Commons. This would be the very first time there has been a clear majority of pro-hunt MPs in Parliament since the Hunting Act was passed in 2004 – if we don't stop it.

We have a matter of weeks to fight this. Please make an urgent donation today.


Make no mistake – the hunt lobby will be doing everything they can to get pro-hunt MPs into power and destroy the landmark law protecting UK wildlife. They will stop at nothing to legalise the abhorrent cruelty of chasing terrified animals with packs of dogs and tearing them limb from limb.


84% of British people want fox hunting to remain illegal, and voters say they are much more likely to back a candidate who supports the ban than one who wants it overturned. We need to lobby every election candidate and urge them to listen to the will of the UK public.

We are launching the biggest election campaign we have ever run, galvanising support across the country to be the voice for animals this election – one that candidates cannot ignore. Your donation today could play a crucial role.

Demonstration in Westminster to support the ban of hunting

We will not just be fighting for foxes, deer and hare, but for all other animals abused and killed in the name of 'sport'. Together, we will ask candidates to back a 3-point plan:

  1. Protect the Hunting Act and all other animal welfare legislation
  2. Vote for tougher animal cruelty sentences for animal abusers
  3. Establish a national register of convicted animal abusers

If we lose the Hunting Act now, we may never get it back. But with your support, we can fight for its protection – and the protection of hundreds of thousands of animals.

The battle begins now. Can we count on you?