Do you know your red deer from your roe deer? Or your tiger lily from your tiger moth? Put your knowledge to the test, or improve it, with our range of wildlife crosswords, quizzes and top tips.

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Crosswords are a great way to release stress, keep your brain active and have some fun. Sit out in your garden with a cup of tea and try out our crosswords to brush up on your knowledge and maybe even learn something new.

#1 British wildlife

#1 British wildlife ANSWERS

#2 British birds

#2 British birds ANSWERS

#3 British mammals

#3 British mammals ANSWERS

#4 Pollinators and wildflowers

#4 Pollinators and wildflowers ANSWERS

#5 Wondrous wildlife

#5 Wondrous wildlife ANSWERS

#6 Hibernation PLUS answers

#7 Nesting PLUS answers


Perfect for a coffee break, our wordsearches offer you a chance to de-stress and keep your brain active. Have some fun and sharpen your mind at the same time.

#1 Animals the League protects

#1 Animals the League protects ANSWERS

#2 British birds

#2 British birds ANSWERS

#3 British mammals 

#3 British mammals ANSWERS

Mindfulness colouring-in

Draw on your creativity with our relaxing and soothing mindfulness colouring templates, based on the beautiful wildlife we work to protect in the UK. Take some time out of your day and peacefully colour them in for some simple and easy satisfaction.

Mindfulness colouring-in page - stag

Mindfulness colouring-in page - pheasant 

Mindfulness colouring-in page - butterfly

Wildlife wonders

We strive to protect many wonderous wildlife species from persecution in the name of ‘sport’. Take our animal personality test today and discover your kindred spirit!

Take our 'What animal are you?' quiz

Birds need your care all year round. As their natural nesting sites become scarcer and scarcer, more of these incredible animals are relying on nesting boxes. Why not create your very own and display it in your garden to keep your feathered friends warm and safe?

Build a bird nesting box

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