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League Against Cruel Sports Election Minifesto 2017

Election 2017 could be crucial for animals – particularly those protected by the Hunting Act. Find out what we’re doing to help.

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Every day, our members are helping to investigate cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’, educate lawmakers, media and the public about this cruelty, and protect millions of animals from suffering and death. Read more


There are 217 registered breeds of dogs - the most widely abundant omnivore on the planet. A dog's sense of smell is 40 times as sensitive as humans. More fun dog facts here! Read more

Donations and regular giving

Help protect animals by making a donation or setting up a regular gift. Read more

Hunting on National Trust Land

Many people have been shocked to learn that illegal hunting is taking place on National Trust land. Read more


There are six species of wild deer in the UK. Stags use their antlers to fend off competing males during the 'rut'. Harry Potter used a stag patronus to fend off evil. More fun deer facts here! Read more


Leaving a gift in your Will is an incredibly special, personal way of ensuring you can continue to protect animals long into the future. Read more

Our Sanctuaries

The League owns wildlife sanctuaries in Somerset and Devon, where animals can live free from persecution Read more


Badgers can reach speeds of 30km per hour. They used to be called 'brock', which is also the name of a character in the Pokemon TV series. More fun badger facts here! Read more

Could you stand by while I'm forced to fight to the death?

If Vinny had stayed with the dog fighting gang, he would have died. Can you help protect dogs like Vinny? Read more

In Memory Donations

To donate in memory of a loved one – whether a family member, close friend or beloved companion animal – is a thoughtful and positive way of celebrating their life. Read more

Why The League

Hurting and killing animals for ‘sport’ is one of the principal causes of animal cruelty in the UK: tens of millions suffer and die each year for ‘leisure’ activities. We’re here to protect those animals. Read more