Winter at the League Wildlife Sanctuaries

Exmoor can be a bleak place to live in winter; it rains, and then it rains some more, and then it snows for a while, and then it rains again. The sun is a rare visitor and the light levels barely get above the twilight that is known as ‘dimpsy’ in the west country. I am certain that the dreary weather reflects on the mood of the local human population, so what does it do to the wildlife? Read more

The truth about ‘trail’ hunting spreads across the UK

Before I joined the League Against Cruel Sports, more than five years ago, I was aware that fox hunting still took place in Britain, despite being banned by the Hunting Act 2004. But, since working for the charity I have gained a better understanding of the breadth of the deceitful activity known as ‘trail’ hunting. Read more