Inspiration and hope in these difficult times

What a strange summer this has been all round. As the country went into lockdown, many people started to reconnect with nature and soon began feeling the benefits, especially to their mental health. Then as the restrictions started to be lifted, we saw images of piles of litter carelessly discarded at beauty spots. Read more

How you can help our wonderous wildlife

Although urban areas are often considered ‘unnatural’ places, lots of wildlife can thrive in the urban jungle. Scientific studies have shown many species of pollinators, particularly bees, now survive better in urban areas than they do on farmland. Read more

Appreciating all mammals

It takes a certain type of person to be a wild mammal enthusiast and I should know because I am one. For one thing, UK mammals tend to be nocturnal, or at least crepuscular (a great word meaning primarily active at dawn and dusk), which makes them difficult to observe. Read more

Watching at a wildlife window

I have got a confession to make…...I spend hours every week staring out of my kitchen window. I do it whilst I am eating breakfast, preparing lunch or dinner, having a quick tea break, washing up, or just rebooting my brain. Read more

Reflections on my first six months at the League

Our communications and campaigns intern looks back over her first six months at the League Against Cruel Sports, and discusses how our extensive social responsibility measures give us an edge in an increasingly ethically-focused workforce. Read more

Stop Swindon Greyhound Racing

The reality of greyhound racing would shock animal lovers. That's why Stephanie Poyntz set up the Stop Swindon Greyhound Racing group in 2018 to raise awareness about the cruel reality of this 'sport'. Read more

Signs of spring

The enforced slowdown of our normally frenetic lives gives us the opportunity to reassess the things that are really important to us. Our wildlife sanctuaries are not only a safe haven for nature but a source of peace and abundance of joy for us all. Read more