By now you will know that ‘trail’ hunting is a smokescreen for illegal hunting. For chasing and killing British mammals. But here are three facts that describe succinctly why it’s so vital that we take to the streets of the United Kingdom to campaign about trail hunting and the National Trust.

  1. The National Trust has licensed ‘trail’ hunting on its land for years
  2. This October there will be a vote where Trust members can vote to end the licensing scheme
  3. Around one in 12 people in the UK is a National Trust member

‘Trail’ hunting should not be allowed on National Trust land. As the second largest landowner in the UK, banning hunting on its land will significantly reduce the land accessible to these hunts. No land, no hunting.

And with one in 12 people being a Trust member, it’s likely that you are either a member, or know a few people that are. Each one has the power to end hunting on trust land, and each one could cast the winning vote in October.

This summer we’ve been up and down the country, on the streets, in the press, on the radio, online and on TV to reach as many people as possible.

National Trust event in Exeter

So far, we have been in Bristol, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Exeter, Reading, Cardiff, Manchester, Godalming and Stratford-Upon-Avon. In each city we have met National Trust members, and friends and family of members. Nearly all of them were disgusted to learn that hunting was being allowed to take place and vowed to vote in the upcoming AGM. All these events have been picked up by local media, either in the paper, on BBC radio or local ITV news.

But it’s not just about boots on the ground, we’ve had wheels too, with our ad-bike being spotted in Reading, Cardiff and Manchester city centres.

Outside Reading Station with Billboard

In Reading, commuters couldn’t miss our campaign, with the huge digital billboard outside the station displaying our message loud and proud.

Online, visitors to Mumsnet will have seen our advertising, reaching out to families that will be visiting trust properties over the summer.

So far, more than 15,000 of you have taken action to petition the trust’s Director-General, Hilary McGrady, ahead of the AGM. If you haven’t done so, you can do so here.

In fact, a couple of intrepid members sought out Mrs McGrady to speak to her in person, pictured below left, in Shropshire.

And this is only the beginning.  We have several more events booked in across the country, with more planned up and down the country through August, September and October.

These events only work with your attendance. There are not enough words to thank those that have already given up their time to attend our events or run their own, so a “thank you” will have to do. If you have a spare hour, please consider attending one of our events.

If won, this campaign will have a vital impact for the animals in the UK. They need your help.

So, what can you do?

  1. Petition the National Trust – you don’t have to be a member – let them know your views
  2. Share on social media – if you’re not a trust member, you will know someone who is
  3. Join us on the streets – contact [email protected] to find out how