Hunting was banned in England and Wales in 2005, however the League compiled figures for 2020 which revealed 485 separate eye-witness reports of suspected illegal fox hunting, plus 300 reports relating to illegal cub hunting, despite the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Hunts claim they are ‘trail’ hunting, but there is no such thing. Last year on a leaked zoom webinar, hunters themselves were caught seeming to admit that trail hunting is a “smokescreen” for real hunting.

With 85 per cent of people opposing hunting foxes with hounds it beggars belief why this festival is still taking place in the twenty-first century when the ripping apart of foxes by hounds is seen by most as unacceptable and barbaric.

Peterborough City Council has already banned hunting on its land and a letter against the festival written by a resident and supporters of the League, also featured in the Fenland Citizen. It’s time the council’s stance against hunting was put into action.

It is time the festival is cancelled.

At the League we have a new supporter group in Cambridgeshire who have been out onto the streets in Peterborough calling for an end to this outdated and archaic festival.

The day was enlightening. We did not meet anyone who supported the festival and in fact everyone we spoke to were supportive of our call to cancel it. Many people were shocked that despite hunting being illegal it was still taking place across the country. They were horrified at the thought of fox hunts and hunting dogs coming from all over the country to attend a festival at the Peterborough showground. We had plenty of support and you can read about it in the Peterborough Telegraph.

We will be leafleting in Peterborough in the town square on the day of the festival. We would love to see you if you can make it. Wednesday 21 July, 12–2pm 

Peterborough hunt sabs have also organised a demonstration outside the showground at 9am

If you live in Cambridgeshire, want to get active in your area and meet likeminded people please email me at [email protected]