The League as a campaigning organisation is growing. Our grassroots presence on Britain’s streets is at its highest point in the 15 years since the Hunting Act. Earlier this month, that presence grew a little bit more with the first meeting of our newest supporter group in South Wales. At a meeting in Newport we set the foundations for a group which will play a vital role in League campaigns over the coming years. Through our National Trust campaign, council lobbying and Welsh Assembly Elections in 2021, you can expect the League to have a much increased presence on the streets of Newport, Cardiff and the surrounding areas soon – even if this physical presence is now delayed by coronavirus.

The League is coming off one our most successful years ever in 2019. With large campaign wins such as banning shooting on Public land in Wales, a ban on 'game 'bird shooting on University of Reading land and receiving commitments from all major parties to either maintain or strengthen the Hunting Act at the General Election. Between our existing supporter group network and new groups such as this one in South Wales, 2020 could be even better!

This year could prove to be pivotal in improving the political and environmental landscape for animals. The League continues to work with all parties to implement key animal welfare legislation such as the Animal Sentencing Bill and a strengthening of the Scottish Hunting Act. Meanwhile on the ground, with the help of our supporters we continue to pressure landowners to ban blood sports on their land.

On October 31st National Trust Members may have the opportunity to vote to end hunting on its land – part of a multi-year campaign by the League and other animal welfare organisations. In these final few months supporter groups such as our new South Wales group will be focusing all of their passion and energy on reaching as many National Trust members as possible to let them know about this opportunity.

As well as the possibility of the National Trust banning hunting on its land, 2020 could see Councils ban trail hunting too with the help of the League’s new tool enabling members of the public to easily write to their local councillor. With the help of our supporters, our mission for 2020 and beyond is to take as much land away from those who harm animals for sport as possible.

We’re always looking to grow our supporter groups. To find a group near you check out our supporter group page. Or to speak to somebody about setting up your own supporter group contact our campaigns team at [email protected].