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Grave concerns for Red

At the peak of the autumn stag hunting season, the League expressed grave concerns for the future of ‘Red’, one of the nine estimated adult red deer stags left on the Quantock Hills, fearing that he could be the next victim of the local Quantock Staghounds hunt after hunt supporters were heard saying that if they couldn't find a stag to hunt on the hills, they would come after him.

red soloOur investigators were out on the ground monitoring the situation and we kept a diary of Red which you can read below.

Red's Diary Updates

Monday 4th November

As the autumn stag hunting ends we are relieved to announce Red has survived despite attempts to scare him from League land on two occasions and an incident where an out of control hunt hound trespassed onto our land. You can read our end of season report here - Red survives the autumn stag hunting season 2013.

Thursday 31st October

4pm The hunt have left the area and seem to be finished for the day. Red remains safe on our sanctuary despite today's disturbance however the other stag, which the hunt blocked from reaching the safety of our land, will sadly not have been so lucky.

2pm Our investigators have reported that the Quantock Staghounds lined the edge of our sanctuary to prevent another stag they are hunting from entering the safety of our land. By lining the sanctuary they were able to shout and ‘holloa’ to scare the stag away in another direction from the sanctuary.

11am The Quantock Staghounds are out today on their final meet of the Autumn stag hunting season. Our investigators are reporting that the hunt are not in the immediate area surrounding our sanctuary so it appears Red is safe for now.

Tuesday 29th October

The Quantock Staghounds where out again yesterday but Red still remains safe. We will be keeping a close eye on him in the run up to the end of hunting season this week.

Thursday 24th October

The Quantock Staghounds have been out again today however they are not in the area close to our sanctuary and so Red remains safe.

Tuesday 22nd October

Yesterday there was another attempt to scare Red from our sanctuary by a hunt supporter. We managed to evict him from our land before he could scare Red away. We have received reports today that Red is still safe on our sanctuary.

Monday 21st October

12.30pm The Quantock Staghounds are out in the hills again today and we are keeping a close eye on Red in case they come to the surrounding area. Take a look at this photo of Red taken over the weekend, such a beautiful and majestic animal.

Friday 18th October

12pm Red is still safe on our sanctuary despite the hunt being out in the area again yesterday. Our investigators took this photo of Red amongst his hareem of deer.

Monday 14th October

4.30pm Our investigators are reporting that the hunt have packed up for the day and stayed clear of our sanctuary. Hunt supporters did however make their way to the edge of sanctuary and attempted to intimidate our investigators but left shortly afterwards.

Thankfully, it looks like Red is safe for now.

10.30am The Quantock Staghounds are due out today as one of their usual two days a week hunts. They meet at 11am and we’ll be keeping a close eye to see where they go, and if they are due to be near Red.

Over the weekend a supporter also sent us some beautiful photos of Red on our sanctuary.

Thursday 10th October

1pm The Quantock Staghounds are out again today, however they are not in the same area as Red so it seems he is safe for now, despite this we remain vigilant.

Our investigators have sent through this beautiful photo of Red next to a young stag on our sanctuary.

Tuesday 8th October

2.45pm Our investigators have sent us this beautiful photo taken today of Red and other deer on our sanctuary.

1pm Yesterday (see below) we reported that a hound from the Quantock Staghounds had trespassed on our land, frightening  Red and the deer currently there. We lost track of Red for a while as he was scared out of the immediate area, but was sighted back on our land again last night and is still there at present. 

Our investigators have sent across footage from yesterday which shows how the incident unfolded.

00:00–12:24 am
: Stag being chased by the Quantock Staghounds flees onto the League’s land and is pursued by a hound.

12:25–12:40am: Red and the deer that were present on our sanctuary are spooked and frightened by the intrusion, and leave the immediate area.

12:41–1:22am: 3 deer are chased by the hound on our sanctuary.

We’re really pleased to report that the plight of Red, and the other red deer currently residing on the Quantocks, was reported yesterday in the Daily Telegraph - Read the article>>.

Since then more media outlets have been in touch about Red, and we hope to continue to use his story to educate people on the reality of hunting. Please do all you can to spread the story of this magnificent animal. Together we can #ProtectRed.

Monday 7th October

4.45pm The Quantock Staghounds have packed up for the day and are leaving the area. There is still no sign off Red however we hope he will reappear during the night.

4pm Our investigators managed to get the hound to leave the land and the deer have returned to the field… however at this time we still do not know the whereabouts of Red. We are very appalled that at an out of control hunt hound has trespassed onto our land, frightening the animals that are protected here. We will be contacting the Hunt to complain about this.

12.30pm Our investigators have reported that another stag that the Quantock Staghounds were hunting has fled onto our sanctuary, and by definition should now be safe. A hunt hound in pursuit also came onto our land, frightening and scattering the deer already present. This has caused Red to move, which is hugely concerning as we currently do not know his whereabouts. We are attempting to evict the hound from our land, to prevent further movement of the animals. We will keep you updated on any further developments but at present we are very worried for the safety of Red and other deer on our sanctuary, and this is precisely what the hunt want – to move Red from our land so that they can target him in the chase... We’re doing all we can to locate him.

The Quantock Staghounds are out today and determined to continue hunting the last remaining stags in the Quantock hills. Our investigators are also out in the field and have reported that Red is still safe on our sanctuary.

Thursday 3rd October

4.30pm Just this afternoon, our investigators have reported that a group of hunt supporters came down to our sanctuary as the hunt was ending. The weather was quite bad on top of the Quantock Hills and evidently the hunt wasn’t successful in hunting a stag. The men in the video pulled up beside our sanctuary and used the types of shouts commonly heard during a staghunt with the aim of scaring Red and getting him to run off the sanctuary. We immediately challenged them and started filming them. This made them stop shouting but they became mildly abusive and then left.

2.15pm The Quantock Staghounds are in the area today as they continue with their determination to hunt the last remaining stags in the Quantock Hills. League investigators are out on the ground keeping a close eye on Red and monitoring the situation as we know hunt supporters were heard saying that if they couldn't find a stag to hunt on the hills, they would come after him.

Wednesday 2nd October

Red is currently residing on League owned sanctuary land during rutting season but as you can see from this video he has no competitors from other males.