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We work to expose and end
the cruelty inflicted on animals
in the name of sport

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Racing Animals

greyhound 474

The League Against Cruel Sports doesn’t believe that sports where animals race against one another are cruel by their nature. However, we do have very grave concerns about the current welfare arrangements in these sports, particularly in relation to greyhound racing.

Greyhounds are raced around a track to determine the fastest dog. In an ideal world, nothing would be wrong with greyhound racing, but behind the scenes in this billion-pound industry, the picture is far from perfect. 

Thousands of greyhounds go missing every year, many put down, others dispatched with a bullet to the head or a brick around the neck. We are campaigning to help protect these animals from this fate.

The League campaigns for independent regulation of the greyhound racing industry, to protect dogs and ensure that proper provisions are made for their health and wellbeing. We don’t believe that the current Regulations  go nearly far enough and are little more than a crook’s charter.