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We work to expose and end
the cruelty inflicted on animals
in the name of sport

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Interview with Mark Radcliffe

mark radcliffeMark Radcliffe, one of the BBC’s best known broadcasters, is a supporter of the League Against Cruel Sports. Here he explains why he would never be tempted to take part in a shoot.

What do you think about shooting live birds for sport? 
I think it is barbaric and totally unnecessary. No civilised person can think it’s acceptable to kill for their own enjoyment surely?

Would you ever go on a shoot? 
I certainly wouldn’t. What right do I have to take a life for my own ‘fun’? Not that it would be ‘fun’ to me. It would be deeply upsetting. I’m not a vegetarian but you do have to draw the line at killing just for a hobby I think.

Did you realise that millions of game birds are intensively reared, just like battery chickens?
I did know about this. Some barns over the fields from me in Cheshire were used for this purpose. Thankfully the business has been wound up and the buildings are now homes.  

How does that make you feel? 
Quite literally sick and not only because of the principle involved – sometimes the smell was gut-wrenching if the wind was in the wrong direction.

Do you think it should be called a sport? 
Absolutely not. In the same way as bull fighting isn’t a sport. Anything that ends in certain death for an animal is just barbarism.

What’s your favourite sporting event? 
I support Manchester City and like watching cricket when England are playing a test match.

Tune into Mark's Music Club on Radio Two, Wednesdays at 23.00.