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We work to expose and end
the cruelty inflicted on animals
in the name of sport

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Game Shooting

Around 50 million birds are released each year into the British countryside to be shot for sport. Around half never get within sight of a gun. They die from exposure, cannibalism, predation, traffic collision and starvation. 

The ‘one for the pot’ is a myth. Many more birds are shot than could ever be eaten, and their carcasses are simply dumped in mass graves. ‘Game’ birds are anything but free range and organic, despite industry claims. They are either artificially bred and reared for release prior to the shooting season, or their habitat is artificially managed to ensure their survival simply to be shot. And all this at the expense of other wildlife, including protected birds of prey, that may inhabit the same area, and be perceived as a pest.

The League Against Cruel Sports believes the shooting industry is built on lies, and campaigns to expose the reality behind the myths of commercial game bird shoots.

Shooting Symposium

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