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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Badger Cull Campaign Latest

Breaking News 05/03/2014

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Team Badger have secured a full day back bench business debate to be held on Thursday March 13. This debate is a real opportunity to stop the proposed roll out of the badger cull. The Independent Expert Panel (IEP)report have already stated that the culls were 'ineffective and failed the humane test'. 

We need you to contact your MP TODAY and ask them to attend the debate and support the motion. Let them know that culling badgers is not the answer and that vaccinations is the only option this time.

contact your MP today

Details of the IEP report

The report which is believed to have been leaked has not been officially published however key points are that:

  • Less than half the required number of badgers were killed in both zones, against initial reports from the Government stating higher figures. The 'science base' of the cull required at least 70% of badgers in the pilot cull areas to be shot. This means the pilot cull failed on effectiveness.
  • In at least 6% of cases, the shot badger took more than 5 minutes to die. With a total of 1,861 badgers killed this means at least 111 badgers died a painful and lingering death. The report states this figure could be as high as 18%, meaning 335 badgers died in this way. This means the pilot culls failed on humaneness.

The Government has already said it will not be bound by the findings of the IEP report, but we can only hope that this damning report makes any consideration of a roll-out to other 'high risk' areas inconceivable. Until such time that vaccination, not culling, is deemed the accepted way for controlling this disease, we will continue to campaign against the badger cull.

For more information on the way forward for badger and cattle vaccination, please visit and support this initiative, as the League has done, if you possibly can.

As this story is breaking, we advise supporters to follow media coverage for the latest developments and we will update here as soon as possible. Please ensure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook for breaking news updates.