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We work to expose and end
the cruelty inflicted on animals
in the name of sport

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Our Campaigns

Find out more about the League Against Cruel Sports current campaigns to bring an end to cruelty to animals in the name of sport.

Hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned in 2004. But the process to make it legal again has begun.  MPs may be asked to vote and determined pro hunting groups are doing all they can to make their blood sport legal again.



Although banned for sport, the hunters are determined to make hunting legal again. We help enforce the law and promote its strengths.

Dog Fighting

Dog fighting

Using dogs to fight other dogs, badgers and foxes is already banned. We aim to gain better enforcement.

Badger Cull

Badger cull

The campaign against the cull is gathering pace especially now that the trials have been described as inhumane and ineffective.

Game Shooting

Game shooting

We campaign to stop the shooting of large numbers of game birds for 'fun' and to improve welfare in the farming of the birds.

Racing Animals

grand national

Help us campaign for better animal welfare at this infamous annual racing event.


Bull fighting

We campaign to abolish all forms of bullfighting everywhere in the world.