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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Snare Campaign Highlighted at Local Fair

31 August 2006

The League Against Cruel Sports is warning people on the Isle of Wight about the continuing barbaric practice of using snares to catch animals. The medieval tool - banned in many other European countries - is still used by gamekeepers here to catch foxes, which are naturally drawn to gamebirds in shooting woods. Not only are snares cruel, causing horrific injuries and a slow-drawn-out death, they are also indiscriminate, often catching other animals, including badgers, otters and domestic pets.

The League is calling for an all-out ban on snares and has so far won the support of 224 MPs and has signatures from up to 8000 members of the public on petitions. This weekend’s stall at the Wolverton Manor Garden Fair will help raise public awareness of our snaring campaign and offer supporters a chance to sign a petition showing their support for a total ban.