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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Hunting Restart will prove case for ban

15 November 2001

The League Against Cruel Sports believes the post-FMD resumption of hunting with dogs will further convince people of the need for a permanent ban.

The League made strong submissions to Government ministers against a comeback of the so-called "sport" ... but thinks the decision could backfire on hunts.

"We are resolutely against the resumption of hunting," said League Chairman, John Cooper, "but it is nonetheless the case that we will now see further evidence of the need for a ban."
"This hunting season will again witness the wanton cruelty of hunting and occurrences of 'hunt havoc' - where hunts cause chaos by crossing railway lines, invading peoples' gardens in the countryside, and unfortunately, more gruesome deaths of family pets."

"The public and MPs have long accepted the clear evidence for a ban. We deeply regret that hunting is still taking place and that innocent people will have to endure the problems caused by hunting for another season."

"Following Robin Cook's comment on Radio 4 ' Any Questions' on Friday that he 'would expect a vote on hunting during the course of this session', the League will continue to campaign for the Hunting Bill to be brought back to the House of Commons this Parliamentary session. It is important for MPs to have the chance to resolve this long running issue for once and for all."