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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Yet another pet caught in snare

7 July 2009

Yet another pet dog has been killed by a snare, reinforcing the League's calls for these horrific devises to be banned.

Six year old Harvey, a cocker spaniel, suffered immeasurably before he was found with a wire snare embedded into his neck.

Harvey’s owner John Buchan, a retired consultant solicitor from Gask, near Crieff, described how he found his beloved pet dog with his tongue out the side of his mouth where he had bitten it off.

Buchan has now stated that he wishes to see an end to the use of these barbaric traps or at the very least a law forcing gamekeepers and farmers to alert pet owners of their location.

Louise Robertson, League Against Cruel Sporscampaigner for Scotland said “this latest incident is absolutely appalling and it begs the question of how many pets will have to die before the Scottish Government makes these traps illegal? Snares are inherently cruel and wholly unnecessary and the majority of Scottish people want them banned. It’s time legislation was put in place to address this.”

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