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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Two League Staff Brutally Assaulted and Robbed by Hunt Supporters

Posted 29/02/2016 by Eduardo Gonçalves


On Saturday afternoon, two members of League staff were brutally assaulted and robbed in an unprovoked attack while monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire.

Both of them were investigators looking into alleged illegal hunting activity, and had been assisting a TV journalist. They were attacked by six men, many of them in masks. They suffered serious injuries, one of them requiring a specialist ambulance and paramedic crew. He has since been diagnosed with having fractures to the vertebrae in his neck. The cameras they were using to monitor the hunt were stolen. Two men have been arrested.

These investigators were the very same who had exposed the case of a fox being held captive on land hunted by the Belvoir Hunt in December. This incident was mentioned by the men on Saturday. Could this attack have been retaliation?

The League employs a number of former police officers and trained investigators to monitor Hunts and ensure they are complying with the provisions of the Hunting Act. Where there is evidence of illegal hunting, this is passed onto the police to assess if there is a case for a prosecution.

These investigations have played a critical role in helping ensure the Hunting Act is the most successful British wildlife protection legislation. It has both the highest number of convictions since it was introduced, and the highest conviction rate. Many of these are directly related to registered hunts and coursing clubs.

The Hunting Act is also arguably one of the most strongly supported of Britain’s laws. A nation-wide opinion poll in December 2015 found a record 83% want it retained, with support for the Act continuing to increase across all groups, most notably among rural constituencies (where opposition to hunting is even greater than in urban areas) and Conservative voters (with 70% supporting the Hunting Act).

Much is made by the tiny but vocal hunting lobby of it being a British ‘tradition’. Yet traditions change with the times, and an even greater and perennial British value is our love of wildlife and all animals. (By the way, regardless of what some may say, fox hunting has never been about ‘pest control’. It’s a bloodsport, pure and simple. If some foxes need to be controlled, there are far more effective and humane ways to do it.)

Going back to chasing and killing wild animals with packs of hounds for ‘sport’ is surely a step back into a dark and primitive past. Killing animals for entertainment has no place in Britain’s present or future. Britain has moved on, but it appears the hunting lobby sadly hasn’t done the same.

Another great British tradition is that of fairness. No-one is above the law in our country – not those who deliberately flout the Hunting Act, nor those who perpetrated this terrible and cowardly assault on our Investigators.

There has been a growing number of instances of harassment and violence directed towards wildlife crime investigators, ordinary members of the public, and the media. I very much hope that justice is done in this most recent case, and the Hunting lobby sees fit to act decisively against those behind these serious violent crimes. Bullying and intimidation is not the British way – observance of the law is.

I wish our investigators a speedy recovery from their injuries (one of whom has seen fit to enquire of me if this might be a good time to ask for a raise). I know they will continue to do an excellent and much-needed job investigating wildlife crime and animal cruelty, helping to bring those who break the law to justice, and upholding perhaps the greatest British tradition of all – that of being a nation of animal-lovers.

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  • Sherri Farrell

    13/03/2016 18:02

    What is wrong with these violent blood thirsty idiots?? Why don't they try doing something positive with their dogs, like search and rescue or finding the missing persons? I guess they lack any compassion for any thing.

  • Jules

    14/03/2016 07:41

    I wish them both a speedy recovery.

  • Jules

    14/03/2016 07:44

    I wish them both a speedy recovery.

  • Pamela Hooper

    14/03/2016 11:05

    I too am an ex-police officer. I used to help our Wildlife Liaison Officer in Ongar, Essex by checking on all the local Badger Setts on a daily basis. I support your cause 100% and wish you all the very best with your causes. The report from the Police that I read said that the injured persons had minor injuries. If this is untrue (I class a minor injury as a graze or bruise), can Leicestershire force be asked to amend their statement? Please pass on my best wishes to the two gents concerned and thank them for all they do for our wonderful wildlife and for justice. Thank you

  • Chris Curran

    14/03/2016 13:42

    I am so glad the 2 investigators are beginning to recover from this cowardly attack.Hopefully this will be a time when the police do act quickly and we can bring these violent thugs to justice. My kind regards and great respect to all the League's team of investigators. From a lifelong member.

  • Chris Curran

    14/03/2016 14:52

    I am so glad the 2 investigators are beginning to recover from this cowardly attack.Hopefully this will be a time when the police do act quickly and we can bring these violent thugs to justice. My kind regards and great respect to all the League's team of investigators. From a lifelong member.

  • Patricia Betty

    14/03/2016 23:54

    Sincere good wishes and a speedy recovery to the two injured monitors. Very brave guys. As for the Belvoir hunt, they should be disbanded. The WCO who rides with them should be removed from duty pending an investigation. If this hunt is hunting within the law, then no reason for a supporter to have a fox in a shed. How could they hunt not have known about the fox? If he hadn't been rescued and the pro had released it, they would have just claimed accidental hunting.


    15/03/2016 14:02

    I suppose it was all in the Ides Of March honourable murder spirit - these "petty men" could not accept the right and proper objection to their canned hunting of reared victims or the "illiberal" law prohibiting and had to commit an act of vengeance. There is no right to abuse our wildlife in such a barbaric way and the victims of this nasty attack can be proud of having done a fine job of tackling wildlife crime - may they make a good recovery and continue the good work.

  • Heather Martin

    15/03/2016 16:24

    A speedy recovery to the two brave investigators. It is time the law was used fairly in this country. Those who break the law should be severely punished. It is often the very same group who break the law who then go on to say how the law in England is so important. This kind of savagery is unacceptable in modern day Britain and those who defend our animals should be respected and supported by all fair minded citizens of this beautiful country.

  • marta Falco

    15/03/2016 21:25

    Its time now that the Police enforced the Anti Hunting Law and prosecuted those who do so. It is now a question of time before people are killed by the Hunting fraternity and their thugs. The Hunts need to learn that they don't have the right to ride roughshod all over the countryside and kill , dig out and generally cause fear and terror for all our wildlife and many of us humans too.

  • moira brabender

    15/03/2016 22:06

    I hope these men recover from their ordeal. It's a thugs charter and a day out for the pro hunt followers. Blood sports belong in the dark ages and the thought of foxes being held to set free so the hunt can chase them is disgusting. Surely they can go out for a good gallop and have a picnic hamper after it. perhaps I am being naive, Foxes aren't there just for you, the hunting brigade. The wildlife is that, in its own habitat and it should be left there.

  • Delia Muir

    15/03/2016 23:24

    This is totally unacceptable once again these violent thugs have broken the law...WHEN are the Police going to uphold the law and arrest ALL these people that think that they are above the law...If it was a motorists different story...A speedy recovery to these poor people doing the job that the police should do ..Get well soon your brave wonderful people EGp32

  • John Freeland

    15/03/2016 23:45

    I wish the two monitors a speedy recovery and keep up the great work

  • Andrew Bailey

    15/03/2016 23:59

    The attackers should be charged with, amongst other crimes, attempted murder.

  • Susanna Feder (LACS member)

    16/03/2016 09:59

    Once again we see / hear about atrocious behaviour from the blood sports lobby. I hope that this time it will not go unpunished. It is little wonder that those who enjoy hurting and killing animals are also cruel and vicious when faced with decent human beings.

  • penny morgan

    16/03/2016 12:53

    These brave souls are dealing with brutalised psychopaths. Cruelty to animals goes hand in hand with cruelty to humans. The hunt supporters must be charged with GBH.

  • Paul

    16/03/2016 14:12

    I can only wish these the guys the absolute best during their recovery. The police must be seen to go in hard on this and I agree that 'minor' injury does not fit the bill. With you all the way.

  • Peter Gambill

    16/03/2016 14:17

    A clear example of premeditated and callous violence showing the mindset and desperation of those who derive pleasure from the pain and suffering of animals and humans. I sincerely hope the perpetrators are caught and suitably punished, also that the unfortunate victims make a speedy and full recovery.

  • Michael Roberts

    16/03/2016 14:23

    This incident really shows up just how cowardly hunters can be. It's sadly satirical that they seem to be trying to emulate pack animals. Pack animals I support, illegal hunters I don't.

  • P Fray

    16/03/2016 14:30

    I wish both investigators a speedy recovery. Not only were the assailants cowardly in their assault on these humans but they are obviously cowardly in their persecution of our timid wild creatures. Good luck to all in the fight against all these cruel so-called sports.

  • Diane Brown

    16/03/2016 14:48

    Anyone wanting to tear any being to bits for fun is seriously weird. These people are vampires baying for blood. My thoughts are with both these poor lads and I wish them both a speedy recovery.

  • Tell Cabrera

    16/03/2016 14:48

    Thanks to you two brave people for putting yourselves at risk to help animals. The work you do is incredible and so important. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

  • David O

    16/03/2016 15:00

    This news absolutely disgusts me and I wish these two brave people to be back on their feet again very soon and feeling better. As they lie in pain in their hospital beds, their resolve must be being tested severely but I hope they know how important and incredible the work they do is. They are true guardians of our planet (like so many who support the League and other crucial wildlife causes), and we all want to see the work they do rewarded instead of an injustice like this. It is time for the government and police to drastically increase their monitoring of these rogue hunt groups and bring harsher penalties on them for the laws they regularly break.

  • Kirsty Straughan

    16/03/2016 15:02

    So very sorry to hear about this appalling act of violence. The perpetrators are obviously ruthless, violent people who must definitely have something to hide and should be brought to justice. Just wanted to pass on my best wishes and to say they are real heroes. Get well soon.

  • Chris Lock

    16/03/2016 15:10

    Get well soon, and I hope at least a couple of the scumbags responsible are brought to book.

  • Chris Lock

    16/03/2016 15:12

    Get well soon, and I hope at least a couple of the scumbags responsible are brought to book.

  • Andrew Williams

    16/03/2016 15:24

    I wish the 2 gents a speedy recovery from the vicious & cowardly attack by the hunt thugs, which just shows they have something to hide by stealing the cameras but as bloodsports is cowardly & violent this is the sort of behaviour to be expected from what can only be described as vermin.

  • Denise juniper

    16/03/2016 15:24

    Speedy recovery to them and thank you for doing such a wonderful but dangerous job to protect our wildlife. As for the masked cowards who did this...I hope all 6 of you rot in hell

  • Andrew Williams

    16/03/2016 15:25

    I wish the 2 gents a speedy recovery from the vicious & cowardly attack by the hunt thugs, which just shows they have something to hide by stealing the cameras but as bloodsports is cowardly & violent this is the sort of behaviour to be expected from what can only be described as vermin.

  • Nigel Dallison

    16/03/2016 16:42

    I trust that the two injured men , will have a swift recovery. How cowardly for six to attack two, and they even were ashamed to show their faces. I hope the police will throw the book at these thugs. These thugs call it a sport, what a joke, for this to be happening in 2016.

  • Christine Keeling

    16/03/2016 16:50

    It seems there has always been one law for the rich. These people should face a prison term for endangering human life and another one for breaking the law on hunting wildlife. We have little enough as it is in this country and it isn't just there for a few to use for sport.

  • Derek West

    16/03/2016 18:11

    I wish these two courageous investigators a speedy recovery,it is so sad that those attempting to prevent cruelty are treated like this.In these cases I wonder if Hunt masters and the chief constables have an understanding.The police report of minor injuries seems inappropriate .

  • Sharon Gordon

    16/03/2016 18:55

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the 2 monitors so brutally attacked. I hope those responsible are found and prosecuted.

  • Susan

    16/03/2016 19:03

    There is no excuse for this disgusting attack on Roger and Darryl. I hope they both make a full and speedy recovery. I also hope that the thugs responsible are brought to justice and punished to the fullest extent of the law. It is the only way to deal with people who have no respect for life or anything apart from gratifying their own needs. Shame on them.

  • Larry Seabrook

    16/03/2016 19:58

    Just hope the police catch these cowards Just demonstrates the type of people involved. So it is not a wonder they get pleasure from hunting

  • Liliana Holmes

    16/03/2016 21:52

    I'm appalled that hunting foxes was a tradition. What sort of person comes up with chasing a fox with numerous riders AND with a pack of hounds? Outrageous. And a dirty stain on British values.

  • Nicky

    17/03/2016 09:35

    Violence breeds violence ! So no surprise that these pro hunters have no respect for their own kind !!

  • Marjorie

    17/03/2016 13:31

    Wherever and whenever observers go out to monitor hunts they and their equipment are at risk from attack, no matter if they are filming or just in the vicinity of a hunt their are putting their lives on the line. Minders, heavies, lookouts, whatever name these thugs choose is irrelevant. They are doing what they are told to do which is to stop illegal activities of hunts being brought to the publics attention. I am well over 70yrs old and have been on the receiving end of hunt violence, mainly to my and other volunteers cars, tail gating and trying to run the driver of the road etc; I applaud the two brave men who were attacked and wish them a speedy recovery.

  • Gideon

    18/03/2016 17:44

    I'm sickened and saddened that people who purport to be British and uphold traditional British values would use levels of violence more associated with war. We can only hope there are some decent, law abiding people in the Belvoir Hunt - people willing to support the police in finding the culprits who perpetrated this thuggery. Silence on the part of the Belvoir Hunt would and should be seen as condoning this Brown Shirt behaviour. Given the severity of the attack members of the Belvoir Hunt should be relieved that Joint Enterprise has been called into question.

  • KJ

    19/03/2016 10:15

    I only just heard about this as the League email got diverted from my primary mailbox. Can only repeat what others have said in wishing these two gents a speedy physical & mental recovery from this assault. Would also add that I'd I'm sure we'd all like to hear from david cameron & liz truss & perhaps teresa may on this matter.

  • Evelyn Harley

    19/03/2016 15:21

    I wish them a speedy recovery and thank them for exposing this vicious, outdated past time( not a sport). These men who attacked the investigators proved what we all know, they a dangerous and enjoy violence. I sincerely hope they are severely punished.

  • Vivien Pomfrey

    19/03/2016 17:22

    Shame on these hooligans for so brutally assaulting people investigating wildlife crimes.

  • Kate Thomas

    20/03/2016 00:16

    I wish these two brave investigators a full and speedy recovery, and hope the thugs face the full force of the law really soon.

  • Linda Colegrave

    20/03/2016 00:44

    Sending healing to all that have been attacked by Cowards. I cannot say enough about this Cruel Sport. And to attack defenseless people! Good, will always, overcome evil XXX Love Linda ( Psychic Medium and Healer )

  • amanda barker

    20/03/2016 04:16


  • Alison Whitlock

    20/03/2016 16:37

    I was glad when fox hunting with dog's became illegal! If anything the law should be strengthened? The way the League of Cruel Sports were attacked and robbed was disgraceful! The perpetrator's should be prosecuted to the fullest extention of the law?

  • Ann Dods

    20/03/2016 23:32

    Well it usually follows that those who are cruel to animals are cruel to humans. here we have it!

  • Brian Toms

    21/03/2016 07:50

    I wish them a speedy recovery followed by justice and the satisfaction that will bring.

  • John and Gill Wilde

    21/03/2016 12:26

    We send the two League Staff Monitors all our very best wishes. We hope they make a good recovery. To show, in some way, our solidarity we have made an extra contribution to League funds. We hope that their attackers will be brought to justice.

  • Moira Brabender

    21/03/2016 22:17

    The hunt and its followers will stop at nothing to get their own way. To keep foxes for release, then hunt them with hounds for a despicable death is not worthy of this day and age. it certainly sounds like retaliation on the two monitors who were only doing their job. I hope they are recovering and the police do ALL they can to find the two thugs who did this.

  • Lynn Elson

    22/03/2016 23:13

    I hope the two investigators are on the mend after them thugs assaulted them. If Leicestershire police do not do anything about it then it stinks. We want to see justice done.

  • Irene Bingham

    31/03/2016 16:35

    That was brave wasn't it - 6 against 2! I wish both victims a complete and speedy recovery. They're very courageous to take on such a role, not knowing what they may have to face.

  • Diana Allchorne

    31/03/2016 16:35

    This incident illustrates just how brutal these people can be if you happen to disagree with their views. They are the minority but unfortunately they have the power of the press supporting them and the Belvoir in particular is a hunt which is I believe, or has been, attended by the royal family and members of this government. I give thanks that there are people of such bravery that they risk their lives to expose the cruelty which goes on in the countryside.

  • brenda Kobylarek

    31/03/2016 16:36

    This assault on hunt monitors is confirmation that people who hunt wild animals for sport are queer in the head. They are just thugs delighting in animal suffering.

  • Pearl

    31/03/2016 16:44

    Once again where is it reported on the news? Seems very strange that we hardly ever hear about these atrocities done by these morons doesn't it?

  • Neil M

    31/03/2016 16:44

    I sincerely hope the brutal cowards who carried out this appalling act are brought to justice. Very best wishes to the brave investigators.

  • Tony Barsby

    31/03/2016 16:50

    I trust that the LACS will ensure that the two who have been arrested are charged by the CPS, and if not that a private prosecution is brought by LACS directly will ensure support for the bravery of its investigators.

  • David M

    31/03/2016 17:12

    Petition to Belvoir Hunt at: "Following the violent incident on 12th March we call on the Belvoir Hunt to issue an unequivocal statement condemning any acts of violence by their members, followers and supporters, and to warn all their members, followers and supporters that anyone guilty of such violence will be banned from membership and prohibited from attending all Hunt events."

  • Doris Potter

    31/03/2016 17:24

    Thank you to the two assaulted investigators for your dedication and courage. I wish you both a quick recovery.

  • donna adams

    31/03/2016 17:35

    i wish these 2 compassionate people a speedy recovery.these hunt scum think they are above the law as think that they can do what they like ,unfortuantely some police support hunting and turn a blind eye and are more interested in stopping sabs from protecting innocent life .This is a barbaric sick evil so called sport and i will never understand the mentally of people who do this for fun,they have proved they are violent thugs with no regard for human and non human life .i hope they get what they truly deserve

  • Patrick McGarvey

    31/03/2016 20:12

    I find very difficult to comprehend attacking two lads animal lovers like myself, i live near belvoir i will attend the next hunt do a bit of filming myself

  • Julie

    31/03/2016 21:01

    Firstly I wish your two men a full recovery, and hope the hunters that attacked them are locked up for years. The league is doing such a worthwhile job and keep up the good work.

  • Shelagh Booth

    31/03/2016 21:33

    Wishing them both a full recovery. They are brave individuals. It just goes to show that the perpetrators are bloodthirsty thugs and that is what any kind of hunting is all about. Unfortunately the human race is full of such types that pick on other humans or animals for their own ends. They haven't moved on to become civilized.

  • Alessandra Ferrari

    31/03/2016 22:06

    I wish these psychopaths would get a taste of their medicine. They are a social evil and should not even allowed to be on this planet. We would all be better off without them. I wish the investigators a speedy recovery.

  • Jonathan Coombe

    31/03/2016 22:39

    Psychopaths, the lot of them!!

  • Louise

    31/03/2016 23:37

    Terrible news. I wish them a speedy recovery and I hope the thugs are caught soon.


    01/04/2016 01:00

    I pray that God, will heal and bless those two brave men. God did not put animals on this planet, for humans to exploit, and use for their own ends. They are here for the purpose God intended. For us to respect, admire and love. Anybody, who is capable of harming animals, is clearly capable of harming humans. They can't be trusted, and they need to be punished. Why are 'Townies' thrown into prison so easily, whilst the Countryside Alliance are allowed to get away with 'murder' ? Why do the law keepers of this Country, disregard what goes on. Law is law, whether you are rich or poor. Or whether you are lower, middle or upper class. It's all too common, that the wealthy, so called upper classes, get away with their crimes. It is totally unjust, and morally wrong. We need zero tolerance...throw the hunters in prison, to be with other criminals. Let them experience life in the real world, and see how tough they are in there....the bully, may well experience, being bullied !!

  • Mike Perkins

    01/04/2016 07:58

    Mindless thugs with zero empathy verging on psychopathy. Own goal cretins, many more sane people will support the League due to your savagery. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery to these two heroes,

  • Derek Buxton

    01/04/2016 08:08

    If fox hunting was a working mans sport it would have been banned years ago. The people how follow or work for the hunt masters are being used, but are to thick to see it. Remind me this is 2016 and not 1816, I thought we had evolved from cruelty

  • Jan Woodhall

    01/04/2016 08:20

    I was very saddened to hear about this incident and hope the injured people are making a good recovery. I would agree with the police officer that the fractured vertebrea cannot be classed as 'minor' injuries (I'm a nurse) and could have had extremely serious repuccusions. This of course shows the mentallity of the people who hunt live prey. The research shows those who abuse animals are more likely to go on to abuse and even kill humans - when will authorities wake up to this fact? Keep up the good work, thank goodness there are people like you who care enough to do something about it. You have my support for sure.

  • JANE Facey

    01/04/2016 09:24

    It used to be traditional to bait bulls and send very small children up chimneys. It has long been accepted that these are barbaric practices and have no place in civilised society. Neither does hunting foxes, deer or hares. Hope the thugs employed by the Belvoir go to prison for a long time, they have no place in a civilised society either.

  • Keith Melton

    01/04/2016 09:25

    Big thanks to you two guys. You were after all, working for all of us. I very much hope you're completely better soon.

  • Ruth

    02/04/2016 11:46

    This Belvoir hunt wants shutting down! They are lawless bullies & thugs, its a criminal gang who think they are above the law! Thankfully , they are actually shooting themselves in the foot exposing themselves for the heartless scum that they are...your nicked! maties, caught in the act so to speak!" Decent british people will see them for what they are! Brave brave investigators you did well in difficult circumstances and I hope you recover fully from your injuries.

  • maureen osman

    02/04/2016 11:54

    There are some very evil and sad sicko`s in this world, I wish the two hunt monitors a speedy recovery. A long time LACS member

  • Judith Howard

    02/04/2016 12:05

    Shame on those savages who assaulted those brave investigators. I wish them a speedy recovery. Hoping that those responsible in such a vicious attack are brought to justice.

  • Doug Malpus

    02/04/2016 13:09

    If they can't brutally kill a fox they will have a go at innocent people. This is not the first vicious attack!!! The thugs need locking up.

  • Mark Pyne

    02/04/2016 16:31

    Two LACS staff brutally assaulted and robbed by hunt supporters in an unprovoked attack. What did they do to deserve this criminal thuggery? They were monitoring the Belvoir Hunt in Leicestershire, investigators looking into alleged illegal hunting activity, assisted by a TV journalist. Six men attacked them, some in masks, suffering serious injuries. Cameras they were using were stolen by the inbred brigade. The investigators were the same who had exposed the case of a fox being held captive on land hunted by the Belvoir Hunt in December. This incident was mentioned by the men on Saturday. so it could well have been retaliation. LACS employs a number of former police officers and trained investigators to monitor Hunts and ensure they are complying with the provisions of the Hunting Act. Where there is evidence of illegal hunting, this is passed onto the police to assess if there is a case for a prosecution. The sick, evil, inbred perpetrators MUST be prosecuted! Taking a classic line from the BBC comedy, Dad's Army, quite clearly the Belvoir Hunt do NOT 'like it up 'em!' WHY do they seem to think they are above the law? Well, just a reminder to them. The law DOES also relate to inbreds with twelve toes and that means YOU scum!

  • Pam Radford

    02/04/2016 17:57

    Grateful thanks to everyone who does this dangerous but vital work. Just want you to know what you do for the animals is MUCH appreciated. My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery x

  • nicholas Gagola

    02/04/2016 22:31

    Six against two, what cowards, says it all doesn't it, that is why they pick on animals, they are not men enough to hit something that can hit back, they are the lowest forms of human life and so pathetic and stupid that they suck up to some rich land owner who pays them minimum wage to do their dirty work. Are they not embarrassed to creep around these wealthy hunting scum who probably laugh their heads off at them with their rich mates at just what morons they are; I'll bet it is not the rich hunters who are going to end up in court; god I almost feel sorry for them, what pathetic creeps. I wonder if the land owners shall visit them if they end up in prison.

  • Jenn

    09/04/2016 09:26

    Please keep us posted on the two men arrested. Unfortunately most of the time the case is dropped due to lack of evidence, etc. Or they are given very lenient sentences. We can start a petition if required and get local MPs involved.

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