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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Urge the Mayor of Calgary to stop the Stampede

Posted 13/06/2012 by Christina

On July 6 the Calgary Stampede will once again see animals abused for entertainment in its infamous rodeo in Alberta, Canada. More than 80 animals have died at the Stampede since 1986 and many more have been subjected to fear, pain and stress to make them perform for the crowds.

One of the worst events is calf-roping, in which terrifiedthree-month-old calves are goaded out of a chute, chased at speeds of up to27 miles per hour and roped to a jarring halt before before being picked up and slammed to the ground. Rodeo is opposed by virtually every animal welfare organization in the world, yet thousands of tourists still flock to the event not knowing about the animal cruelty involved.

The League is working with the Vancouver Humane Society in Canadato ensure more people learn the truth about rodeo animal suffering. You can help by boycotting rodeos if you travel to Canada or the U.S.

You can also contact the Mayor of Calgary, Mr. Naheed Nenshi, to urge him to support a ban on calf-roping. (He is a member of the Stampede's board of directors) The Mayor can be emailed at themayor@calgary.caor you can visit the VHS websiteto complete their online form.

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    13/06/2012 01:00

    Rodeos are a form of cruelty not entertainment.

  • kate

    13/06/2012 01:23

    Good luck with your actions against this vile cruelty. Can not understand any human being wanting to take part or visit this terrible event. Karma, folks who enjoy this cruel rubbish, and I hope it bites you.

  • maria macdowell

    13/06/2012 01:30

    stop cruelty!

  • Sandra

    13/06/2012 01:32

    I urge you to support a ban on calf-roping, due to the cruelty it involves.

  • A Puza

    13/06/2012 01:35

    Please put an end to this barbaric stampede. This cruelty should not be inflicted on any animal. The stress and fear are inhumane.

  • Sonja Talboys

    13/06/2012 01:50

    This is just sick as are the people that do this evil act of cruelty. Why anbody would want to do such dreadfull things to vunerable animals is just disgusting. This should all stop NOW, maybe these scum should chase each other and rope them and fling them to the ground and see how they like it. Put horns on them and put them in a ring and let some other joker stick swords in them, I would pay to see that.

  • Shaheen

    13/06/2012 01:50

    This should be urgently stopped. Its inhumane & untolerable.

  • Susy Ciacchini

    13/06/2012 02:06

    no comment .... it's enough to see the pictures

  • jill proffitt

    13/06/2012 02:12

    Cruel, Abhorant,Disgracful, Sickening, are but a few of the comments I would like to make about this Barbaric sport, encourged by yobs and inhumane individuals, also blame must go to the people who watch such a display of Diabolical cruelty, shame on you and the local authorities who have no consept of the trauma these poor animals suffer before they die . If only the tables were turned, and you so called humans could be on the receiving end of what is being inflicted on these poor animals, People like you have no rights to call yourselves human beings, your dispicable. Jill Proffitt

  • Claire Barker

    13/06/2012 02:22

    I cannot understand why people go to such events, if they stayed away then the cruel rodeos would stop for as ever it's all about the money. Thank you for the post.

  • Lisa Neste

    13/06/2012 02:47

    There is no family fun entertainment in the torture and abuse of innocent animals. Rodeos are for self-indulgent people who have not one iota of compassion for animals or their rights to a peaceful life!! End this cruelty now.

  • Ferial Evans Rogers

    13/06/2012 02:48

    This cruelty has got to stop. A country that allows such atrocities is NOT a civilised country. Any person that has such unfeeling disrespect for the suffering of animals (sentient beings as himself) can never have respect for himself

  • Merthyr Stevens

    13/06/2012 03:51

    These are BABIES!!! They might indeed be of the four-legged variety, but the fact remains that they are BABY animals. It's horrific enough when such barbaric cruelty in the name of fun and entertainment is perpetrated by brainless, psychotic and bloodthirsty numbnuts against ADULT animals, but to inflict terror, confusion, pain and suffering on BABY ANIMALS is not only wicked, it's diabolical and cowardly. I stand by my pledge NEVER to visit Canada again until events like this and it's other barbaric practices are banned outright. Canada, you're a disgrace and your reputation just seems to plummet deeper and deeper into the abyss!! Shame on you.

  • Ellen

    13/06/2012 04:09

    I live in Calgary and I can tell you this will never stop. Until people die from the event, no member of the Stampede even blinks an eye. It's cruel, but it's all about making money.

  • Lynne

    13/06/2012 05:17

    calves-and yes-all the other animals at rodeos are captive, innocent, and totally powerless before their captors, and are only in the rodeo to exploit and terrorize for a profit before they are sent to be killed and slaughtered.. Burns me up.

  • Marianne Ivarsson

    13/06/2012 06:41

    Stop this cruelty!

  • Holly Bianchi

    13/06/2012 08:29

    This barbaric atrocity from the Dark Ages has to end. This is not accepted in the 21st century and around the world!

  • dawn richendollar

    13/06/2012 09:19

    This should be urgently stopped. Its inhumane & untolerable.

  • Aileen Cheetham

    13/06/2012 10:02

    Well the yanks still think they are in the Bloody Wild West don't theyPardner.

  • Marie Ange Berchem

    13/06/2012 10:15

    please stop these cruelties!!!

  • Morgan Gordon

    13/06/2012 10:15

    Please stop the cruel treatment of animals in rodeos.

  • Daniela Köhlert

    13/06/2012 10:17

    Please stop this

  • Jane Butler

    13/06/2012 10:22

    Please support a ban.

  • r manek

    13/06/2012 10:24

    Such shows should be banned, they are cruel and barbarici t is distressing and painful for animals, resulting in deaths.

  • catherine schaichet

    13/06/2012 10:24

    animals are not meant for entertainment calves are helpless before human beings. It is unfair and cruel to take advantage upon them.

  • Denise Bell

    13/06/2012 10:39

    This and other such events are undoubtedly cruel to the animals. They do not deserve to be treated so inhumanely and it needs to be discontinued if you believe yourselves to be a civilised country.

  • Viviane Muller

    13/06/2012 10:42

    Please stop this horrer!

  • Heidi Stephenson

    13/06/2012 10:47

    This is a Satantic abuse of God's beloved creatures. Please do the right thing now and end this, once and for all. We are talking about the suffering of highly sentient beings here, innocent beings who haven't warranted such cruelty - not inanimate 'stock.'

  • Claudia La Paglia

    13/06/2012 10:58

    Please do stop torturing these poor innocent animals! Humans can have fun in other ways, without mistreating the animals.

  • Rosemary Bennett

    13/06/2012 11:06

    Stop this mindless cruelty NOW.

  • Peter Thompson

    13/06/2012 11:12

    Hello Please help to bring this cruel practice to an end. It is totally wrong in the 21st century. Peter Thompson

  • Leon Norell

    13/06/2012 11:12

    Please stop this calous, barbaric practice.

  • Derek Bennett

    13/06/2012 11:16

    This is totally unacceptable!

  • Elisabeth Richter

    13/06/2012 11:20

    Please stop this - and any other'! - animal cruelty! Thank you!

  • Anna Taylor

    13/06/2012 11:35

    Stop the stampede, it is cruel and unneccessary, and gives Canada a VERY bad reputation

  • Jill Parker

    13/06/2012 12:10

    Please exclude the cruel practice of calf-roping at your annual stampede. It cause great stress to very young animals, quite unnecessarily. Surely you can replace that section of your show with something more humane. Humans choose to go to the stampede: animals are forced there!

  • werner pfrang

    13/06/2012 12:17

    No abuse of animals!!!

  • maddy bernard

    13/06/2012 12:21

    Stop this primitive cruelty now, surely Canada is a 21st century country by now.?


    13/06/2012 12:25


  • lexie nicholls

    13/06/2012 12:52

    if i did these things to a baby animal in my backyard i'd be prosecuted, and i'd sure deserve to be!

  • Lalla

    14/06/2012 02:58

    Is this nowadays still needed for amusement??? What age are we living???

  • Cindy

    14/06/2012 03:06

    I live in Houston/TX where this kind of crap is as common as oxygen! How about taking the lead and putting an end to this! END IT NOW!

  • Nisha

    14/06/2012 05:01

    Please stop using defenceless,innocent animals for entertainment. This is a barbaric practice and has to be stopped now. I will never visit Canada as long as this cruelty to animals is encouraged. Boycott Canada everyone.

  • carmel euwen

    14/06/2012 12:49

    In Roman times, we, the people, watched men being injured and killed ......for our entertainment. Now, we, the people, watch animals being injured and killed ......for our entertainment. Can we not do better than this ? Where is our sense of outrage that this type of behaviour is still acceptable in our modern-day society ?

  • Emilia

    15/06/2012 09:04

    stop cruelty! stop barbaric stampede!

  • Jane Plant

    16/06/2012 09:00

    Canada is such a beautiful place but this cruel and unnecessary event is a huge black mark against it. It's about time peope realised that as long as they support it then it will continue. It's not funny, it;s not entertainment, it's just CRUELTY.PLEASE help put an end to it forever.

  • Michael Parry

    19/06/2012 11:36

    Please stop this unnecessary cruelty.

  • Isabelle Perrard

    11/08/2012 06:59

    Please stop this cruelty!

  • Jan Morris

    19/10/2012 01:03

    We should also be thinking about the Canadians killing baby seals for their fur each year - supposedly a humane cull - via a pickaxe! Disgusting and shows how brutal and backward we still are on this planet. Cruelty everywhere. We need to be active in stopping whaling too. I hope there is a heaven for animals, so that the poor helpless ones, get to know some peace/bliss to make up for all the pain, fear and suffering we give them ..... just because we can. The human race has a long way to go towards enlightenment.

  • Murry Cohen

    18/11/2012 02:17

    Please stop the Stempede......a euphemism for mindless, horrible animal cruelty

  • Sunil

    20/09/2015 10:04

    I have three reasons: 1. Do not kill an aniaml; 2. Better use of world's resources to eat plant-based, not aniaml food; 3. Healthier to eat plants than aniamls.As we convert FOOD into FUEL .i.e., corn and soy converted to biofuels we increase food costs and decrease availability .thus destabilizing fragile economies in many countries, but impacting the poor and poorest, most of all.Perhaps we make changes only when we realize the personal impact of our own actions, such as discovering that all the independent research indicates that eating only plants, and nothing from aniamls, is far healthier. That research was the most persuasive for me.

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