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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Countryside wars

Posted 16/09/2011 by League Campaigner

It's blooming freezing in Scotland just now. Summer, if you can call it that, is well and truly over and autumn is setting in at quite a pace. The tail end of hurricane katia earlier in the week has meant we've had some fairly wild weather conditions and the two days I spent down south this week in our head office at Godalming and in London for our team day quite literally felt like being abroad.

Yesterday however was lovely. It was chilly but the sun was shining brightly so when I finished work I decided to take advantage of the rare bit of sunshine and head out for a longer than usual walk with my two dogs. I had barely left the house when I heard the familiar sound of gun shots. It's not unusual where I live so I didn't give it much thought and carried on with little more than a hmmph under my breath.

I hoped the shots weren't coming from the direction I was planning to walk in but I hadn't got very far when I met another two dog walkers coming towards me looking less than happy. They stopped to tell me there were shooters further round the hill and that I was best advised to turn around. Much as I was enjoying my walk and looking forward to doing one of my favourite routes I didn't particularly fancy walking through the middle of a shoot. I reluctantly turned round and headed back in the direction I'd come from with two rather confused and disgruntled dogs.

As I headed back down the hill I saw that the couple who had stopped me were now talking to another couple and while I only nodded hello in passing I caught enough of the conversation to hear that they too were not impressed to have their evening walk cut short.

It got me thinking not only about how annoying this was but how unfair it is that large areas of countryside can just be effectively closed down to the people who live there so a few people can shoot. In the space of around ten minutes that was five people who had had their plans abruptly changed for them with no consultation. I doubt there were even as many as six shooters.

As I walked back towards safer territory, with a lot less of a spring in my step, I couldn't help but remember the terrible day when my neighbours' dog was killed in a snare. Their lovely springer spaniel was snared just a few minutes from where I was walking. Although it was a few years ago now I'll never forget the feeling as my friends carried the limp and lifeless body of their beloved pet home. The vet later said she had most likely been killed instantly as her neck had snapped due to the speed she ran into the snare. It was absolutely devastating.

I love the countryside and I love living here but these kind of things make me sick. The repercussions of the shooting industry go much further than just shooting a bird, the whole industry is based on cruelty, suffering and in my opinion downright selfishness. So while the shooters are out killing their birds and enjoying the countryside around my home I'm back at my desk with nothing more to do than look out the window at where I should have been walking.

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  • eddie

    16/09/2011 03:00

    If anyone is shooting on a public footpath or bridleway then you are perfectly entitled to walk along it without hindrance.We always go out of our way to ensure no-one is disrupted in their legal activities and will wave immediately stop shooting,wave them through after unloading our guns(they always stop for a chat surprisingly)and wait 'til they're well out of the way before carrying on. I can't really believe this blog to be honest.If a member of LACS was disrupted from enjoying their walk on a public path and didn't take the opportunity to point out that it is illegal to disrupt anyone on a public path or a public highway then either you were on private land(trespassing)or you're telling porkies!

  • chris tasker

    16/09/2011 03:55

    eddie is recycling the old CA argument that all shooters and hunters have great respect for people , nature and the environmment. try telling that to the raptors that have just been found poisoned on exmoor. and the N York Moors SSSI that was destroyed by a shoot which was fined £25000.

  • Ruby Riot

    16/09/2011 04:16

    Eddie, you may be a gentleman but honestly, there are plenty of shooters asserting their 'right' to shoot and are incredibly abusive. It's kinda rude to inform someone they are lying if you hear about a practice that doesn't stick with your ideal and it's also kinda naive to think that all shooters are gentlemen (or women) who abide by the rules as that simply isn't true, sadly. They are the ones who have guns and can be amazingly intimidating when challenged. I have been threatened as have my dog, on public land. This is always happening where I live when we walk along Public Bridleways and footpaths and people and farmers are out shooting and I have been yelled at too many times to count. I have evidence, both recorded and photographic that this has happened to me so I am not 'telling porkies'

  • Caroline Campbell

    16/09/2011 05:56

    I live in the countryside (Scotland) too Louise and it's like living in a war zone! Every weekend groups of men with guns and terriers descend on the fields surrounding my home and make my life a living hell. My dogs are scared of the loud gunshots, they tremble won't leave the house, the horses have to be brought in to stop them galloping around and injuring themselves. I love and care for all our wildlife and it tears me apart to see and hear their plight and there's nothing I can do about it! Keep up the good work Louise maybe one day we will have peace for all in the countryside. X

  • Daye Tucker

    16/09/2011 07:14

    Everyone has the right to responsible access in Scotland. Part of that responsibility is to make yourself aware of the Access Code published by SNH and widely available in hard copy and from their website, the Scottish Government website and all Scottish Local Authority websites. Access Officers and Local Access Forums are only too keen to smooth out and discuss any potential conflict that arises between Access takers and Land Managers. Respect for all users and land use is paramount.

  • Matthew

    17/09/2011 06:00

    Chris is defiantly lying as the SSSI was not 'destroyed' it was damaged, there is a BIG difference. Ruby do you not think that the way that you challenge people while they are out shooting could make them more confrontational? After all they are out enjoying a perfectly legal activity. Louise. You chose to listen to the advise of those walkers and not continue with your walk. The shooters, according to your blog, made no threats and were not abusive so why did you choose to turn round?

  • Andrea

    17/09/2011 09:14

    Out of all the shoots I’ve attended, never have i seen or heard of people being forced to cut their walks short or turn around, be 'threatened', 'intimidated' or otherwise harassed. All shooting stops while people are in the area, and until they're well clear of the shoot. I can, however, produce evidence of the many times my dogs and i have been threatened by people who support LACS .

  • sheryl

    18/09/2011 03:46

    Legal activity ? Well that may not always be the case Matthew. As for confronting these people, I have found you can be very polite and they become very confrontational all on their own, as they usually have the attitude to killing life as their god given right and god help anyone who has any sort of regard for the animals they are killing. Unfortunately not all shooters are very good at their chosen pastime so I really think Louise was given the best advice possible.... get out of the area fast !

  • Mr J T Arthur

    18/09/2011 06:14

    It is rather naive to simply suggest those shooting close to public rights of way are obliged by law to give way to walkers, if that were the case there would never be any shooting close to where I live as there are so many who wish to use the paths through the fields not only to walk their dogs but also to take the most direct route to the shops such as myself to collect my daily newspaper, thus at any given time there would be someone on the path or just about to do so rendering any legitimate shoot a complete waste of time; however, the reality is quite the opposite; once the shooting starts few will venture near them let alone attempt to walk passed. Out of 13 dog owners I know in the hamlet I live not one will venture in the fields to exercise their pets when it is known shooting is taking place and there are no advance warnings. I speak as a septuagenarian who has lived all my life in the same house and well qualified to comment on the subject. In July I took a walk along a path close to my home where shooting was taking place in the adjacent field not realising I was being followed by the eleven year old son of a neighbour who has a great love of nature and was hoping to catch a glimpse of the small herd of deer which grace our neighbourhood thinking he was safe keeping close to me; however, no sooner had I realised the presence of the child than shots rang out and I could see a revolving decoy with pigeons skewered on to it. I do not have a mobile phone but I did have a camera with me following advise from the local council Rights of Way Officer to get some photographic evidence to help build a case as so many path walkers had been subject to abuse, being told they were trespassing when they were on the paths by those who think they have a God given right to shoot regardless of the law or any code of good shooting practice. I could see the firing was being directed well within range of another path I would soon be joining but mostly out of view from their shooting position, so took a picture. Within seconds we were approached by a man driving a jeep at speed like a maniac who would have mown us down had the brakes of his vehicle failed. This man, several inches taller than me and forty years my junior jumped out of the vehicle greeting me with a tirade of abuse, shortly to be joined by another heavy in the same manner. I stood my ground having no fear of them letting them vent their anger, my thoughts at the time being if the sight of a mere path walker taking a photograph should cause so much incontrolable anger, how could these individuals be safe in possession of guns. After a while a policeman arrived on the scene who asked me to leave saying he would call at my house but he never did. A neighbour had earlier reported seeing a jeep of the same description blocking a public footpath whilst shots were being fired from inside it which could have accounted for the arrival of the policeman. As if that was not bad enough, last month five children, four from our hamlet and a visiting friend whilst on a nature walk were caught up in gun fire on the same stretch of path who were simularly approached by a different vehicle which absolutely terrified them, they ran all the way home as the vehicle was used to chase them, alas nothing can be done even though it was reported to the police as the culprits simply deny everything.

  • Mr J T Arthur

    19/09/2011 03:06

    Eddie, the incident involving the children being chased from the public footpaths has even been discussed on a neighbourhood police online forum as recently as 14th September which is still on record for all to see. This is the question by a member of the public followed by the police reply. Evening! Some local children were complaining to my husband a few weeks ago, that they had been chased from the public footpath through nearby fields by men with guns, who were hiding in the hedge and shooting pigeons. One of these men drove a landrover type vehicle at great speed towards them, they believe to frighten them off. Did any of the children's parents report this incident to you, and do you know if any investigation took place? I certainly did not see anything in relation to this. I was not aware of the incident until the following day when two of the children came to tell me about it.

  • eddie

    19/09/2011 08:40

    You must take your complaints to the Police Complaints Authority,along with all your evidence.They cannot just do nothing.I know of instances where shooters have had their firearms seized following totally unfounded and fabricated complaints from members of the public. Police do not(in my experience)take reports of 'man with gun' lightly.You MUST (or the parents of the children MUST)pursue this matter until an investigation is carried out and conclusions made. This behaviour must not be tolerated.

  • Louise

    19/09/2011 09:01

    Matthew, I chose to turn around because I don't feel comfortable walking close to or through where people are shooting. I didn't say the shooters were abusive or threatening but I wanted a relaxing walk after a long day at work and in my opinion walking around a shoot is not relaxing. Eddie, you are missing the whole point of the blog. it is not about what is legal or illegal it is simply about how the actions of shooters make others feel. Also, for your information we do not have the same laws on trespass in Scotland as in England, we have the outdoor access code.

  • Matthew

    19/09/2011 10:28

    Louise Your entire blog centres around the argument that countryside can just be effectively closed down.... Yet in your example the only thing that stopped you continuing was how YOU didn't feel comfortable. So how is that the responsibility of legal shooters?

  • eddie

    19/09/2011 12:44

    Mr.Arthur,with all respect,I find it very hard to believe that what you have posted above has not made the local,indeed the national news!If the above incidendies had occurred around here,then Armed Response would have been on the scene in minutes!Suspected armed people in a vehicle chasing children?I think I would be making some very serious complaints to the Police authorities,and if they weren't responding,then the media would be my next port of call. Louise,again,all I can say is that the law is on your side,regardless of where you live,it is an offence to disrupt or hinder anybody on a public right of way whilst going about their lawful business.You MUST stand up for yourself.I admit,some people can be threatening,arrogant,whatever,but if you don't do anything about it then you've let them get away with it. I am a shooter,and have never come across incidencies such as these in my life,and I certainly wouldn't tolerate such behaviour from anyone,shooter or not.I fyou have evidence,as above,take it to the authorities,if they wont espond,then the media.Shooters don't like bad press any more than anyone else. Print the info' on here if you wish,and I will pass it on to the shooting media,or contact me via Steven Taylor who has my e-mail address.You need not identify yourself,but your information must be verifiable. Stand up for yourself.

  • Matthew

    20/09/2011 07:08

    @ Sheryl Banning guns does not work and will not work as the people that want them for currently illegal purposes can and do still get them. If you look at the latest figures handguns are the single biggest type of firearm used in offenses yet they are BANNED to all but a very select few.

  • Mr J T Arthur

    20/09/2011 07:13

    Keep taking Eddie as long as you're sending messages at least we know you're not disturbing the peace and slaughtering the innocent for fun. The pen is mightier than the gun, thank God you belong to a dying breed.

  • eddie

    20/09/2011 10:41

    Sheryl,I really don't care whether you regard me as a 'fine,upstanding character' or not,I certainly haven't tried to portray myself as such;I'm merely relating things as they are. Yes,you're correct,I do kill animals,and being a meat eater is the only justification I need.I can understand your objections if you don't eat meat,but anyone who does is hardly in a position to criticise me. Your sweeping generalisation that all shooters have a desensitised outlook on killing and are self righteous is merely your opinion,and while you're perfectly entitled to express it,it gets you nowhere as an argument for your cause.Facts would,but your post is lacking in that aspect,and is therefore merely a compilation of your personal thoughts.

  • sheryl

    20/09/2011 12:23

    @ Eddie, at the end of the day you still kill animals no matter how much you make yourself a fine upstanding character. I would say all shooters have a very desensitised outlook on killing and this I have found goes hand in hand with self importance and a very self righteous attitude. I would like to see guns made illegal for all as they time and time again get into the wrong hands and cause so much death, destruction and suffering, and the people behind these weapons can't see they are doing anything wrong ?

  • eddie

    21/09/2011 06:57

    Mr Arthur,I can only speculate on the reasons why you appear reluctant to pass on any relevant info/facts regarding the claims you made in your initial post to either me or the authorities,and on the reluctance of the latter to further investigate such claims.I have been shooting for over 35 years in one of Europes most popular tourist destinations,and have never experienced the incidencies you claim. I have however,never been accosted for 'disturbing the peace',nor for 'slaughtering the innocent for fun'. Sheryl,I don't think we have much more to say to each other,but simply because someone doesn't agree with your 'cause',doesn't mean they are living in the dark ages.To suggest someone is wrong simply for a different point of view to that of yours,smacks of blinkered arrogance. You're right,I am certainly not starving,but neither is anyone else in this country who chooses to eat meat,yet they still eat it.Why is this?

  • sheryl

    21/09/2011 11:06

    Yes mine and others thoughts, I have had numerous arguments about my cause and find those people I differ with are living in the dark ages, they do not move on and have no regard for the animals they are killing, to eat or not. We all know the facts and figures, but I am telling you how I feel about people like yourselves who are constantly trying to justify your blood lust or taking a shot to see if you hit. As for a sweeping statement about desensitivity, if you were sensitive to those small creatures you Kill, maim, and put through suffering you wouldn't do this pastime ! You are not starving are you ? I think not !

  • Sheryl

    22/09/2011 10:29

    Well if you have no more to say to me that's fine by me ! you have certainly shown yourself up to be the arrogant one. Oh, and no you have never caused any trouble have you, you keep telling us this. No trouble to anyone, just going about your own business shooting little creatures ! Go on keep justifying your cause and hiding behind your facts and figures and im a good boy I am attitude, I for one am sick of hearing the same old arguments your sort keep spewing out !

  • sheryl

    24/09/2011 09:52

    The only justification this person needs to shoot animals is that he eats meat ?? His words not mine. Eat meat from your local butcher but don't shoot for sport !! don't think this person can read ? It's a website against cruel sports isn't it ? I think the clue is in the title !!! Goodbye Elma Thud ... *blows a big fat raspberry*

  • Michael

    27/09/2011 09:07

    I do hope that many shooters' attention will be drawn to this thread. LACS took our sport, and now they are determined to take yours. Repeal of the hunting ban should be every shooters first priority in defence of field sports more generally. I would hope that the anglers wake up to this too.

  • eddie

    27/09/2011 09:35

    Hi Sheryl,my apologies,I did reply to your last post but one,but for whatever reason,it wasn't posted. What other justification do i need Sheryl?What justification do you have for condoning the killing of an animal so you can eat its meat....the fact that you enjoy it?You eat meat for pleasure Sheryl,as I do,you don't NEED to,but you enjoy it.I also eat meat from my local butcher,and at times I take him carcases and pay him to joint them and prepare them for me. As I've explained elsewhere,I don't regard shooting live quarry as 'sport',and have argued about the term with other shooters. 'Sport' is participants competing on equal terms,not a description of shooting live quarry,and definitely not a description of pest control,why would you give a rat for example,a 'sporting' chance? Anyhow,I digress.As we've established,we both eat meat for pleasure rather than necessity,but only one of us is prepared to do the killing ourselves.You can call me anything Sheryl,but hypocrate isn't one of them. Not only can I read,I can spell's Elmer Fudd! Regards,eddie.

  • sheryl

    29/09/2011 12:15

    So you jump to the conclusion I eat meat ? well that's exactly the sort of argument I expected from you Eddie. You say I enjoy it ? I eat it for pleasure ? Do I ? Well there is someone who has his facts so totally wrong. I could argue about these wrong facts that you have a fondness for, but I am talking about cruel sports on the correct site for these issues, why are you here commenting on every blog ? You seem like you want to cause trouble Eddie, you seem very negative on every issue we raise on this website, If you can't see you do no wrong and it's not a sport you partake in then you must be here to wind people up, it certainly seems that way to me, You even have to try to belittle me with a spelling mistake ! which by the way the cartoon was before my time so I just got the name wrong. But hey I will take it on the chin ...... But wait not only can you read you can spell also...... Then please tell me what a HYPOCRATE is ?

  • eddie

    29/09/2011 12:47

    Hi sheryl,I made the assumption you were a meat eater(wrongly apparently)as you stated that this wasn't a website for vegetarians but for those opposed to cruel sports.My mistake.The rest of my post is still relevant however,as to the hypocricy of those who criticise me for what I do and yet still advocate the killing of animals for their eating pleasure. I think if you took the time to check all blogs,you'll find I have only commented on those which make unsubstantiated and emotive claims based on their particular bias.I don't mind what particular 'cause' people have to fight over,but if it's claims aren't based on fact then I will respond. Why are you getting wound up sheryl if your facts,claims are correct?I'm certainly not here to wind anyone up,I'm merely telling things as they are in reality,from my perspective.Would you sit back and say nothing if you found a website doing its best to interfere with your way of life?You make countless unsubstantiated claims such as 'most of what is shot is not eaten' etc,which is total waffle,and expect me to sit back and say nothing? Feel free to visit any shooting forum and spout your falsehoods on there. When it comes to belittling,'I'm a good boy I am' wasn't meant to belittle,eh? Elmer Fudd was before my time also Sheryl. lol...You're right sheryl,it is hypocrite,and it means pretending to be morally better than one actually is.Food for thought eh?

  • eddie

    30/09/2011 06:40

    Hi Sheryl. I'm sorry,but I don't really understand your last post,and seem to think I have set out to personally attack you.This is not the case.You have in many instances made sweeping allegations and misleading remarks about me and my 'sort',but you don't know me any more than I know you,but get very agitated when I return the compliment. All I ask Sheryl is that if you have known facts,then verify them instead of going off at a tangent which has nothing at all to do with the subject. You insist on making varied and wild claims about all manner of things but can not(or will not) substantiate them. On what do you base your claims?Emotion or fact?Legislation based on emotion rather than logic and facts,does no-one any good.Just look at the Hunting Act for instance. Regards,eddie

  • sheryl

    30/09/2011 11:01

    So you actually looked up hypocrite and found the meaning ! well done, I'm sure it hasn't given you food for thought though Eddie ! I do not pretend to have my morals or beliefs, they are very much real and I'm living them out, you seem to think you know me, you keep putting words in my mouth and assuming also and you are making all the wrong judgements, but as usual you think you have all the right facts ! and no I'm not getting wound up, there you go again saying what I am, tut tut Eddie, It's you who keeps spouting out falsehoods not only about your pastime but falsehoods about myself, whom thank god for, you do not know, but seems to think you do. See my other comments to answer the rest of your ramblings. Oh and I do feel free to visit shooting forums Eddie but thank you for the offer.

  • eddie

    01/10/2011 07:04

    Hi Sheryl,state one 'falsehood' I have claimed about my 'pastime' as you call it. Nevermind 'falsehoods',state one,that you can prove is a false claim I have made.

  • sheryl

    05/10/2011 02:50

    Your sort - Shooters who shoot animals and let them die an agonising death rather than kill humanely. If anyone is in any doubt about this go to you tube and see the LACS video A good shot? Tangent- I do not talk about my neighbours and babysitters ! Sweeping allegations- Your really bad allegations were that I was a meat eater and I quote -What justification do you have for condoning the killing of an animal so you can eat its meat....the fact that you enjoy it?You eat meat for pleasure Sheryl,as I do,you don't NEED to,but you enjoy it Unquote. FACT - I do not eat meat but you took it upon yourself to make allegations I did and also I enjoy it .... so wrong on so many levels. Your words I know for a fact that the birds I shoot do not suffer any more than the millions of chickens slaughtered on a weekly basis in this country ..... You know they are suffering, shame on you !! Your words- Youve got your facts muddled I'm afraid about the way the birds we shoot are kept .... see my comment on the blog A right royal shame for this falsehood. At the end of the day you shoot for fun there is no need or necessity for this cruel sport/pastime or whatever you want to call it, as you still have not said what YOU call it ? Agitated no im not that either Eddie !

  • eddie

    05/10/2011 12:44

    Hi Sheryl,merely going over old ground and quoting from me is neither furthering your cause nor making any valid points. Prove you r claims Sheryl,if you can.Show me the evidence that substantiates your claims. I have already admitted I was mistaken regarding your eating habits,how much longer do you intend to avoid proving your allegations by creating a smoke screen of innuendo and repetition of past blogs? Yes,Sheryl.birds that are shot,do sometimes suffer,but you neatly avoided the fact that sometimes so do those millions slaaughtered in meat processing factories(and they're reared in much worse conditions,despite what you may have read).Have a look at religious slaughter Sheryl,that's even worse,but I doubt you have the courage for that fight. Stop skirting around the issues and give me some verifiable facts...and I'll do likewise. If you want to further your cause it has to be based on logic and facts.

  • eddie

    06/10/2011 07:24

    Hi Sheryl.You continue to go over the same old 'facts' sheryl in a desperate attempt to add logic and reasoning to your claims of cruelty,yet continually avoiding answering any of my questions. I have never denied that not all birds are killed cleanly,but if you want to act against cruelty then surely you're interested in ALL unnecessary suffering?You claimed that birds in slaughterhouses are killed 'Instantly'(your word,not mine)and this is in fact not the case as I have pointed out,but this of course does not meet your agenda does it? Incidently,wounded birds do not flap about wildly(those are dead ones,electrical muscular impulses cause it,exactly like a chicken which is electrocuted in the 'humane' manner,or decapitated in an alternative manner)when wounded,the ones flapping about are in fact,dead. Again,you refer to a shoot in Cambridgeshire,but then again,offer no facts.I haven't had a look at your latest offering on the blog you mentioned,but will do so shortly. You say I have not offered any satisfying answers to why I put 'these creatures through their pain'.I have already stated why I shoot,but that's not the 'satisfying answer' you want is it?I enjoy shooting in all its forms,and am a meat eater.My conscience is clear,I certainly don't need to justify my actions to you nor anyone else.How's that for honesty?I am a meat eater,you claim not to be.It's called freedom of choice sheryl.As I have said before,just because you don't agree with what I do,doesn't make it wrong. Apparently,game(to eat)is now so popular that Morrissons has started stocking Pheasant do you suppose they are killed?Tesco also stocks game...every little helps! Now I've answered your questions,how about some more facts regarding my 'sport' as you like to call it,or are you once again going to simply start quoting from my posts?

  • sheryl

    06/10/2011 11:18

    You shoot, maim and let birds suffer in agonising pain, that is a very big and important fact Eddie you have skirted round this on many occasions and not answered my posts with any satisfying answers as to why you put these creatures through their pain. You keep bringing up meat processing factories we all know what happens in those, but yet again I have to remind you of the website you are visiting. I left you a post on a right royal shame about some hard facts on a member of the shooting fraternity who has been very honest about the way these birds are intensively farmed for shoots and saying it is bringing the wild bird shoots into disrepute, he is from a Cambridgeshire shoot and is very upset by the way these birds are turning out through enforced breeding they are not the swift, silent and fit birds they are naturally supposed to be, but as till now the post I wrote has not been left, I can only presume it's because I named him that it's not been posted ? You keep dictating to me how you want me to comment on these posts Eddie but I will do it in my way not yours. You have agreed to the facts birds of prey are persecuted for your activity you have also agreed to the facts these birds you shoot suffer .... well that is the facts right there and they have been verified and admitted that these things happen in your sport by you Eddie, that is all the facts we need to fight this cruel activity. It is right there in black and white !

  • sheryl

    07/10/2011 02:42

    When did I say anything in a post on here about the Cambridgeshire shoot apart from the last post I wrote on here ? The one I sent to be posted on one of the other blogs on the Cambridgeshire shoot with the mans name in did not get posted ? That's why I mentioned it. Which you still have not answered. The man in question is a committed defender of country sports who helps organise wild pheasant shoots and is being honest about the disgraceful way the birds are reared. His words - You would think people had learnt nothing from the hunting ban. The whole sport could end up being banned because of this dreadful and indefensible way of producing birds I mentioned part of this in my last post about how these birds have turned out. But you have just skirted around it and claimed I have mentioned it before, and you did not discuss this point ? As for the birds writhing about in agony being electrical muscular impulses, I'm flabbergasted at this, you are now lying about the suffering that these birds are very much going through. I have seen with my own eyes a pheasant which had been shot in its wing hit one of my family's windows and fall to the ground, and was very much alive and flapping around in agony. As for the slaughterhouses you worked in if there is so much cruelty to animals going on in there then you as a worker should of reported this. The welfare of the animals at the time of slaughter needs to be improved around the world at least the UK have very good welfare controls in these slaughterhouses. As for the religious slaughter, I am opposed to any slaughter of an animal that is why I do not eat meat and I certainly do not agree to the way animals are slaughtered for the religion of others. Most big food outlets that provide halal meat insist the animals were stunned before slitting the throats, though other methods and places are still very much around unfortunately. I wrote to my MP and the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs and voiced my concerns long ago. Yes the welfare of the animals needs to be improved also the labeling of foods so people have the choice. No I do not agree with what you do and I really detest the way you cover up the unnecessary suffering your sport brings to these creatures. The fact you enjoy all forms of shooting is enough for me to tell what kind of individual you are, yes it is your choice but these poor animals do not have one do they. I will fight against animal cruelty that is caused by the human race until the day I die and I can safely say my conscience is clear.

  • eddie

    08/10/2011 10:51

    Hi Sheryl.I find your posts very hard to follow aas you only appear to want to argue.You mentioned a shoot in Cambridgeshire sheryl,which you cannot deny,then made claims about a man who was involved in it and the comments he had made,then failed to verify your claims by giving any further information.OK? What have I 'still not answered' sheryl?If I've missed a blog or a post somewhere,in which you have asked a direct question of me,point it out,and I'll answer it openly and honestly.You may not like the answer,but it will be honest. The rearing of birds is over-seen and regulated by a governing body as far as I know,but I'm not involved in rearing pheasants on game farms as all our birds)pheasants)are wild.If we find untended eggs then we place them with a 'broody' to be looked after.All our ducks are wild also,we simply provide a good habitat for them,which is why they are attracted to our land. You accuse me of lying sheryl?Who do you think you are?When have I ever told a lie on this website?This website is riddled with false accusations,innuendo and emotive twaddle,and you accuse me of lying?Pot and kettle sheryl. I have never claimed that birds do not suffer when shot,some are cleanly killed,some are not,I have already stated this,but to deny that birds flap about after death due to involuntary electrical muscle spasm shows an ignorance of natural biology.Have a look on you tube at some head shot rabbits jumping around like olympic gymnasts,if you want proof of post mortem activity.Get a grip on reality sheryl. I did not report any methods of slaughter to anyone when working in the slaughterhouse as all methods were overseen by an independant welfare 'vet',and all those methods involved are also government department approved. You are perfectly entitled to disagree with what I do,but again you make accusations of me covering up any unnecessary suffering my 'sport' brings to these animals,which is totally untrue(but let's not let the truth get in the way of your claims eh?)as I have never claimed such things as you can see by reading through my previous posts. I wish you well in your fight against animal cruelty,but as I stated right from the start,if your fight is not based on fact and logic,rather than unsubstantiated emotive claims and a personal prejudice against people who you blatantly depise,then your cause is lost.The people who you need to convince HAVE to base legislation on FACTS. Regards eddie.

  • sheryl

    12/10/2011 01:21

    I know animals can have involuntary electrical muscle spasms after death but you put all birds flapping about wildly as going through this and not alive and in pain ! I am saying this is not the case. An untrue. It also shows how your mind works if you are visiting you tube to watch rabbits after they have been shot ? I will ask a question of you, how old are you ? you seem very immature if this is the sort of thing you look at. Forgive me if I seem I want to argue but you come on here full of your arguments for shooting and it is a website against this so you are bound to find people like myself who disagree with your activities. But the thing that really made me think you do not have much of a clue about the shooting scene is you did not even know when the shooting season begins as you made this statement on the right royal shame blog.... the game season is conducted through the winter months when flowers etc are laying dormant,sometimes under about a foot of snow! ....Really Eddie this told me you do not have much of a clue of this sport you claim to do and really do not have all the correct facts. You need to take stock of why you are here and you have agreed pain and suffering is going on in this sport so what more do we need to say ?

  • eddie

    16/10/2011 05:13

    Sorry Sheryl,you're clutching at straws now in a desperate attempt to save face. Personal insults like calling me 'immature' are a sure sign of a lost argument.I don't need to look on youtube to watch dead rabbits,I was merely pointing out you could see them on there. You insist on claiming I call it sport because it suits your agenda,and the fact I've never denied that there is pain and suffering involved in shooting leaves you with no leverage in your futile arguments. You're correct,there is little else to say.

  • sheryl

    18/10/2011 10:11

    That is so funny Eddie...... Me ? save face, clutching at straws, loosing an argument ? ..... I think that is you, you have proved it all there in your arguments in all of these blogs you have posted on. You lost your credibility and argument long ago !!! Winter is on it's way Eddie and you will of missed a fair bit of the shooting season already .....

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