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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Matt Damon speaks out against bullfighting

Posted 29/11/2011 by League Campaigner

Matt Damon‘s attendance at a bullfight in Mexico last week caused an almighty stir amongst animal lovers. The backlash was instant, and Damon was vilified everywhere from animal rights websites to the Daily Mail. However it seems that we may have been too quick to write him off.

Within twenty-four hours of the story breaking Damon had personally phoned PETA Vice President Lisa Lange to correct the false impression he had given. He explained that he is vehemently opposed to bullfighting, but wanted to see first-hand the cruelty which is inflicted on the animals. Seeing what goes on with his own eyes has reinforced his belief that bullfights should be consigned to the history books.

A spokesperson from PETA said that Matt Damon was ldquo;upset to think that his attendance was in any way construed to be an endorsement of such a barbaric activity.rdquo; We hope that Mr Damon will now use his knowledge and celebrity status to influence and educate others about the cruelties of the bullfight.

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  • Ness

    29/11/2011 04:13

    I believe there are better ways to see for yourself how barbaric bullfighting is... there is enough media on the subject, videos on youtube, etc. Matt has lined the pockets of the organisers by going there in person and paying to get in sadly, though he may have been naive in his actions. I am not being quick to write him off either, I just think people need to have a long hard think about these things before doing. Research is one thing but going to see things with your own eyes to justify your own disagreement is another.

  • toni harrison kahn

    29/11/2011 04:36

    sorry Mr Damon one doe not have to attend such barbaric sports to know what happens , such a lame excuse.

  • Wania Esteves

    29/11/2011 05:06

    Do not believe anything that he can speak. The photos do not lie, he's happy watching bullfights Matt Damon pretended to be a man of good sense, he is concerned only with its own image Matt Damon is not animal lovers Mat Damon is fake

  • Carol Gilbert

    29/11/2011 05:28

    I agree with comments above. As I said when Louise blogged that she had attended a shoot, you don't need to be hit by a bus to know you wouldn't like it!

  • Scott Higgins

    29/11/2011 05:58

    Call me a cynic, but I smell Mr Damons PR forces hard at work here!

  • Clive Withers

    29/11/2011 07:02

    Give him a break..!! People like you are too eager to dump on folks...You're not perfect yourself although by your comment you seem to think you are...You are the naive ones to think that life has to go your way or not at all...Peace and Love...

  • Sally Mackenzie

    29/11/2011 07:41

    Mmmm not buying the ' I just wanted to see what it was like', I agree with Toni.... bull****!!!! pardon the pun. Get real Matt, I'm not impressed, foolish at the very least!! I couldn't go to a bullfight, I'd probably be put in prison!

  • Linda

    30/11/2011 04:42

    Sound like damage control to me.....

  • Barry Cordon

    30/11/2011 08:55

    I think Matt has made up for the attendance by speaking out so publicly against this vile sport. In this age of celebrity culture we need as many people of his standing as possible to draw attention to issues like this. Hat doffed to Matt Damon.

  • Becca

    30/11/2011 09:47

    I agree with Barry. Even if he did go there for fun, which I do not condone, he is at least now very publicly speaking out against it, and that can only be a good thing, surely? If a matador decided he'd been wrong in his choice of 'job' and now wanted to stop bull fighting, would we reject him for his past or rejoice for his change of mind? Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Heather

    30/11/2011 12:14

    Nope ... don't buy it for a second! There were pictures of him yelling along with the rest of the spectators like he was enjoying it. He just didn't expect to be caught and hurried to cover his ass.

  • Jacksatease

    30/11/2011 12:22

    Now that he has done his research, perhaps he could use it to benefit animal rights groups and produce a movie against the inhumane treatment of animals.

  • Me

    30/11/2011 12:52

    I don't believe you for a second Matt Damon. Show me that you are against it and then I will believe you!

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