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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Open Letter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Posted 01/07/2011 by League Campaigner

Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke amp; Duchess of Cambridge
Clarence House
St James' Palace
London SW1 1BA

Dear Duke amp; Duchess

Britain is a nation of animal lovers. It is a nation whose people give generously to animal charities; where millions have pet animals; and where many national symbols incorporate the animals with whom we share our nation and planet.

Like many thousands of British people, we were enormously disappointed to learn that you plan to visit the Calgary Stampede on your forthcoming visit to Canada. This is a spectacle of such undeniable animal cruelty that such acts were banned in Britain by an Act of Parliament under King George V almost eighty years ago.

It is legitimate for people to ask, if you were to visit the Philippines, would you visit a cock fight? In India, would you go bear baiting? In Afghanistan, a dog fight?

We expect the answer would be no. But you do plan to represent Britain at a grotesque exhibition of animal abuse abhorred by the right thinking majority of Britons.

Over the last three days, our supporters have sent almost 7,000 emails to your private office, expressing disappointment at your choice of holiday activity. We don't believe that any of these people has received a response, but we now discover that the emails are being blocked.

So rather than respond to these valid concerns about animal welfare, your office is burying its head in the sand. In a week when royal finances have been subjected to detailed scrutiny, can you really afford to keep having such public relations disasters?

We urge you to reflect the will of this nation of animal lovers, and reject the Stampede. At the very least, we ask you to issue a statement to those people who took the time to email you.

Yours faithfuly

Steve Taylor
Head of Campaigns amp; Communications
League Against Cruel Sports

This open letter was sent by email on 1st July 2011 at 1.00am.

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  • Sue Berry

    01/07/2011 11:04

    Unfortunately this is to be expected - the so-called upper classes are a law unto themselves and don't give a damn about anyone else's views but their own! Just goes to show how out of touch they are with the majority of the enlightened population who care about animal welfare.

  • Rachael Thrussell

    01/07/2011 12:37

    I agree with the letter sent by Steve Taylor and urge you not to go to the stampede and associate yourselves with such barbaric animal cruelty. Stand up for something positive and show your humanity.

  • Barbara Read

    04/07/2011 03:32

    I also agree with the statements in Steve Taylor's letter and would ask that as you are going to Canada as ambassadors of our country please show that you are in touch with the British public and that you represent the views and feelings of the vast majority who are concerned that animals are treated with care and respect. Animals are sentienent beings who feel pain and suffer just like all of us. As Rachel Thrussel says, please show your humanity. Do not endorse a practice that involves cruelty.

  • Denise LaChance

    04/07/2011 06:28

    What a terrible example you are setting - watching the intentional infliction of suffering on animals as entertainment. Shameful!

  • Ann Thomson

    05/07/2011 02:54

    I am pleading with you to show the rest of the world that these cruel practices can no longer be tolerated.

  • James Hemmings

    05/07/2011 02:54

    I went to Alberta a few years back. I didn't visit the Calgary Stampede, I got a brilliant enough reflection of Canada from visiting every other attraction, from the Rockies, the badlands in Drumheller and even the more capitalist side of Canada in Edmonton's huge shopping mall. How animals are treated at these events is disgusting, purely for the entertainment of others. This is very disappointing, as I am finding it harder and harder be a socialistic vegetarian monarchy supporter! Maybe I have too much faith in others..

  • corinne Brown

    05/07/2011 03:07

    Dismay that you will both be attending such a cruel sport as the Calgary stampede. Yes-what a terrible example you are setting to people around the world. There are so many of us that fight and protest for the humane kind and gentle treatment of animals- and by attending such an event puts a mockery on those of us who try our best to protect animals. There ars so many facts out there for you to read up on. Please take the time to educate yourselves.

  • Mr Graham Hutchinson

    05/07/2011 03:25

    I agree with the letter sent by Steve Taylor.

  • Graham Shepherd

    05/07/2011 03:33

    Prince Philip shot a tiger many decades ago and has still never been forgiven to this day. This is your chance to bravely follow your own conscience rather than do the bidding of those who try to control you. Refuse to go to the Stampede and you will be rightly regarded as a hero among right thinking people

  • Kay

    05/07/2011 03:37

    You are meant to representing an enlightened British society so it is with great disappointment to learn you will be watching acts of unnecessary cruelty in out of date 'sports'. The majority of Britain would be appalled to learn of your visit but your PR agents are doing a good job of keeping it quiet. Please look inside yourselves and 'show your humanity' by refusing to attend this barbaric cruelty

  • Mrs Valerie Hughes

    05/07/2011 03:57

    You are visiting Canada as representatives of the people of this country, the vast majority of us totally oppose cruelty to animals so please do not endorse this appalling spectacle in our name. If you must go, do so as private individuals NOT as official ambassadors for us. We totally disassociate ourselves from this event, and while you're at it the samesentimeny applies to the clubbing baby seals to death. How ironic that such ugliness takes place in such a beautiful country.

  • Ravi

    05/07/2011 04:09

    Thanks for all you do.Indeed,david Camerron said recently to name and shame absent fathers who plant thier seeds and do a runner.cant the same be done about animals abuse,torture and slaughter ? Incidentally,cant a mass campaign be organsied in cambridg to elect Michael Mansfield,QC and VIVA Patron as the university chancellor in theforsth coming elections.

  • Jane Smart

    05/07/2011 04:10

    You may believe that you visit Canada as representatives of the British people, however, by endorsing this barbaric event with your presence I must tell you that you DO NOT REPRESENT ME. Instead, you fill me with shame. E. Jane Smart TD6 0SF

  • Danielle

    05/07/2011 04:14

    Please consider

  • Wendy Jane Forster

    05/07/2011 04:15

    As Sue Berry says the 'upper classes' have always been a law unto themselves. They will allow anybody to keep them - always have. And as for Clarence House to block emails - what are they frightened of? Let us see a bit of backbone and stand up and fight your corner, even though you know you are onto a loserr!!!

  • Sheila Murray

    05/07/2011 04:15

    I agree with all the above comments especially the the one from Sue Berry .

  • Mary Alice Pollard

    05/07/2011 04:25

    As a Canadian living here in the UK I am so sad to learn that you will be attending which is without a doubt the most cruel of sporting(?) events held in Canada today ! I used to say that it was unfortunate experience, but looking back now, I am glad that I had the experience of working with a vet who attended to injured animals during the Calgary Stampede because I can say from first hand experience that it is certainly not sporting for the animals who are subjected to such brutality. This is a part of our Canada that so many of us are ashamed of. There is, and you are seeing first hand, so much beauty, compassion and hospitality in country ! There is certainly nothing beautiful, compassionate or hospitable in any rodeo setting ! Come back home with the positive and good memories, not the memories of seeing animals, literally broken in the name of 'sport' !

  • Carol Crunkhorn

    05/07/2011 04:28

    How disappointing that you will be attending the Calgary Stampede Rodeo. However, the organisers will no doubt have a palatable version for you, as they always do for visiting British royalty. The calf-roping event will surely be omitted, because that may cause you to re-evaluate the wisdom of endorsing such cruelty. The cruelty of a 3-4 month old calf being lassoed while it runs at full speed, brought to a sudden jerking halt and then slammed to the ground and roped. Many of these small calves are injured by this brutal treatment, sometimes they are killed, always they are severely traumatised. No, you won't see this inexcusable cruelty which is called family entertainment, but that is no reason for you to remain ignorant of the facts. Here is a link to information on calf-roping so that you will know exactly what it is that you are missing, yet endorsing.

  • John Simner

    05/07/2011 04:50

    Attending this barbaric event will certainly do your reputations no good in the eyes of many British people. Howver I have no doubt you will go, all I can say is shame on you both.

  • Pauline Scott

    05/07/2011 05:03

    Please think again before attending this barbaric event,and giving your support to mindless animal cruelty.

  • Isabel Meyerhans

    05/07/2011 05:03

    There is so much entertainment for people without cruelty, that we do not need such horrible shows. Before watching this kind of shocking spectacles, people should be able to put themselves in the shoes of the victims. If there are not capable to do this, they lack sensibility and empathy. That means that they are not human beings but monsters.

  • Chiara Testi

    05/07/2011 05:26


  • Ann Dee

    05/07/2011 05:44

    How on earth can this be sport when the odds are always stacked against the poor animals. I am disgusted that these type of events take place anyway, let alone supported by the Royals. As British Ambassadors this is not representing the majority of views or feelings of the British Public at all.

  • julia jakoby

    05/07/2011 05:46

    I am sickened and saddened to see Clarence House block these very important emails - shows you how pompous and arrogant they are. But what can you expect when 'modern' William is known to go hunting ? They have no scruples and believe they are above the Law. Shocking and Disturbing.

  • Archie Neilson

    05/07/2011 05:55

    Shamefull,but totally unsurprising,given the 'Royal Family's attitude (and in some cases,participation) in 'country sports'.

  • Liz

    05/07/2011 06:19

    After the happiness you brought to the nation by sharing your wedding day with us, this choice of recreational activity is really sickening. Please take time to research yourselves and then make an informed personal decision about your holiday. Thank you.

  • Chris Northcott

    05/07/2011 06:33

    I used to be in favour of a royal family, but their antiquated attitude towards animals has turned me against them. I really have no patience with the royal family now. They should be leading the way ethically and setting an example, but actually they are quite useless.

  • Sian evans

    05/07/2011 06:45

    This is the only thing about the royals I will never like,their acceptance of cruel blood sports,particularly fox hunting,it shouldn't matter what the animal is,only that it is subjected to such distressing torture! Can I ask the important question? As children,did they ever have pets,or do they have them now? would they find it entertaining to watch them tortured for sport? I can only hope not! I have been brought up to respect all animals because they have more love and trust for us than most HUMANS do! PLEASE SHOW THEM YOUR HUMANITY AND REJECT THIS BLATANT SHOW OF CRUELTY!

  • charlie falzon

    05/07/2011 06:58

    I would urge you to look at the short film by the Vancouver Humane Society. Would you attend a bullfight? You might as well, because these rodeos display the same callous disregard of animals. I wonder what the Queen would have to say about the treatment of horses shown in this piece?

  • Sharon Alberio

    05/07/2011 07:41

    Now is the time to show you have some compassion,stand up for the animals they have no choice in this matter. You have a chance to show this sort of cruelty is not going to be supported by the people of Britain.Surely you can see this is not right and belongs in the past.Do something that will make people respect you more.These poor animals have no voice and deserve so much better!!

  • Kenn Swallow

    05/07/2011 07:49

    Let's face it, when it comes to animal welfare, the Royal Family and indeed the hangers on are a disgrace. It beggers belief that anyone, not only the Royals should have a mindset that cruelty to animals is fun.

  • Julie Wood

    05/07/2011 07:50

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, show some compassion towards these poor, defenceless animals. DO NOT ATTEND THE STAMPEDE!!!

  • Doreen Brand

    05/07/2011 08:15

    Shame on you! What a terrible example to the youth of our country that you should attend such a barbaric event.

  • Kate Thomas

    05/07/2011 08:24

    Please do not attend the Calgary Stampede it is outdated and cruel and causes so much trauma and suffering to the animals involved. It is now time that the Royals as representatives of our country listen to what the majority of British people want and decline the invitation to this or any such event.

  • Joy Weller

    05/07/2011 08:37

    Perhaps, William, you should ask yourself would your mother have attended any event where animal cruelty was involved ??? But then I think you already know the answer to that...........

  • Vivien

    05/07/2011 08:47

    I would really like William and Katherine to stop and think very deeply about what a lot of people in this country feel about them ever attending anything that is connected with any form of animal cruelty. - At the moment we are taking them to our hearts and feeling nothing but affection and respect for them both as a couple. - But we do expect them to show compassion for the animal kingdom - and never to be seen attending functions where animals are used for the entertainment of humans and putting risk of suffering and discomfort to these creatures. We also believe that Dianna - Williams mother would never have agreed to any form of suffering or distress to animals for the sake of entertainment.

  • Jackie Fuchshuber

    05/07/2011 09:04

    I really am unable to comprehend how any civilised person can watch, and by watching condone, any barbaric treatment of sentient creatures. They are not just animals they feel, they fear they hurt and they are capable of great love. Even to the humans who torment them. Who then is the animal?

  • Antonia

    05/07/2011 09:08

    Please do not attend this event, I and many others see you as a wonderful couple in touch with today's generation who are against any cruelty to animals, you can set a great example and gain alot of love and respect by saying no to viewing this event, please do the right thing, by the animals and your public.

  • Bob McDonald

    05/07/2011 09:10

    By attending such events they are giving their approval to the barbarity that occurs. I can't beleive that there is any justification for these events, although if you have experienced hunting in any form then I assume that it is possible to become immune to the normal feelings of disgust. Perhaps they will at some point understand what we are saying and advise those who prepare the itinerary that in future they would prefer not to get involved in this type of thing. Let's hope so.

  • Mary Clarke

    05/07/2011 09:51

    As members of the oyal Family you have the chance toshow that not all members get involved in animal cruelty such as blood sports - involving hunting of innocent animals. Are you now prepared to keep up this tradition to please members of the Canadian public who get happily involved in such activities.? Your popularity will quickly wane over here unless you take a stand here. Particularly you, Kate, as a member of this family. Remember Diana, who took a stand against hunting? Show some mettle here, and you and your husband should make your feelings shown to Canadians who don't appreciate the stand against animal cruelty which the majority of your country are against. Shame on you for ignoring the feelings of the British public as a whole!

  • judy ki

    05/07/2011 09:54


  • Mrs Christine Williams

    05/07/2011 10:08

    I totally agree with the statements made in Steve Taylor's letter. You are visiting Canada as representatives of the United Kingdom & we are a country of animal lovers. Please don't attend this cruel rodeo & thus give the impression you agree with its practice.

  • Michaela Paterson

    05/07/2011 10:30

    Just saddened. Honestly thought 'you two' were going to be the modern, bright young things. Somebody once said that it takes one drop of water to start a waterfall....

  • Sue Lesmond

    05/07/2011 10:44

    Buycott this disgraceful animal cruelty.Canada is a disgraceful animal abusing country.Speak up as an advocate for animals.

  • Maureen Ellen McGill

    05/07/2011 10:51

    If you go to this bloody circus you will be letting all the animal lovers of Britain down.

  • Sue Griffiths

    05/07/2011 11:29

    I've been wondering all week whether or not the young royals would bow to the wishes and pleas of the right minded caring people of the UK. But no, it was to be expected that they would ignore them. After all, why would they care for these sentient beings anymore than the the animals they blast with their guns? Or the black bears of Canada that are cruelly killed for the busbies worn by the palace guards. If the royals had travelled to Canada a few weeks ago, they could have added to their itinerary the slaughter of baby seals. Very colourful I've heard, especially if like the colour red.

  • animal lover

    05/07/2011 11:45

    It's disappointing and sad to to learn of your lack of compassion for animals. I agree with Denise that you are setting a very bad example to the public,

  • John Rogers

    06/07/2011 01:20

    It is a sad world that allows such cruel activities to happen in the name of entertainment. It is a sadder world when our society's leaders support such cruelty by attending these events. I suspect that William's mother (as a person committed to protecting and improving the lives of people around the world) would definitely not approve.

  • valda purvis

    06/07/2011 02:00

    I detest all rodeos and the cruelty that is enjoyed by those who attend,I like the Prince and Kate,but wouldn't it be hypocritical of them if they did refuse the invitation,as the Prince goes hunting and I read that Kate loves that horrible concoction made from the diseased liver of geese that are force fed ,forgot the name,and I hope I am wrong about that as it is -so horribley cruel .

  • Chris Brousseau

    06/07/2011 03:19

    I used to live in Canada and have seen the cruelty during the rodeos. It is a shame for Canada to continue these events. It is even more shameful to see our so called Royalty fully endorcing these barbaric acts.

  • Ceinwen

    06/07/2011 04:45

    Kate Middleton was reported as saying she wanted to start a family soon... if she goes willingly to view this barbarism - how on earth could someone she stand as a mother? what potentially odd values about life and fairness would she instill and perpetuate in her children? Do the royals have any values as to cherishing ALL life on this planet? They seem to have cottoned on to organic farming - what about them considering life in favour of cruel outdated twisted entertainment?

  • Anita Janes

    06/07/2011 04:47

    Why is this cruelty still going on ? I agree with Steve Taylor and ask you both not to go, we should love and respect all creatures great and small.

  • Linda Nunn and Paul Johnson

    06/07/2011 06:32

    Dear Kate and William, We have just heard that your itinerary currently includes going to the Calgary Rodeo. We presume that you are unaware that all over the world these barbaric spectacles are being closed down and nations and councils are banning the profiteers from setting them up on public land? Like bull-fighting and exotic animals in circuses, rodeos now belong in human-kind's dark past, not in today's modern world. Animal cruelty, abuse, terrorizing and injury is no longer accepted as a form of entertainment in civilised society. You are a promising young couple. Please think about the message your attendance would send to the worldwide citizenship and especially to the young global community. You would be actively supporting on-going cruelty to animals under the banner of fun. As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you have a huge and admiring following world-wide, so your influence is mammoth. People copy your fashion choices, your hair styles and your actions. You can be sure this hasn't been lost on the remaining rodeo organisers around the planet. Kate and Will, you have an ethical decision to make. To assist rodeo organisers in the animal abuse they profit from, or to make a stand against it through boycotting the event. We trust you will choose the only decent option. Thank you.

  • Janet Smith

    06/07/2011 06:37

    I wonder if Prince William and Kate will cheer when the inevitable happens - an animal suffers a cruel injury or death? Is this the climax of the 'sport' for them? I believe Prince Williams father and grandfather before him used to enjoy an occasional foray into blood sports. i.e. pheasant shooting, but this is taking things onto a whole new level.

  • Jennifer

    06/07/2011 07:01

    Probably divided loyalties for royalties - but I urge you to Stand Up for Kindness say No! to the stampede.


    06/07/2011 07:46


  • Michelle Mitchell

    06/07/2011 08:05

    The Royal family will be smeared very badly by this action if you condone animal abuse.Shame on the Royal family.this is disgraceful!!!

  • Chiara Testi

    06/07/2011 08:12

    You are setting a very bad example to the public

  • Patricia Appleton

    06/07/2011 09:06

    When we visit another country we can show our distaste to some of their cruel traditions by not supporting them, this like bullfighting is one of them. This would be a great opportunity for Kate and William to show the world a more modern and humane side to the Royal family.

  • Billie Jackson

    06/07/2011 09:10

    Thank you Steve Taylor for reflecting so many peoples thoughts and making a stand for our lovely animal population who do not have the ability to stand up for themselves.

  • Joan Page

    06/07/2011 09:14

    Please think again before attending this barbaric event,and giving your support to mindless animal cruelty.It's disappointing and sad to to learn of your lack of compassion for animals. I also believe that you are setting a very bad example to the public, Shame on anyone that attends this show, as too many animals are killed or harmed each year during this show.

  • Angela Jenkins

    06/07/2011 09:20

    There is no excuse for this mindless cruelty and attending the rodeo is not only condoning it, it is a betrayal of all those who care about the welfare of animals.

  • Sally Blake

    06/07/2011 09:22

    I would just like to endorse all the comments already stated, in particular Vivien's. I too believe that William's mother, Diana, would have been horrified to see her son and his wife condoning such a blatant act of animal cruelty. Do they actually have any say in the planning of their itinerary?

  • Marie Dean

    06/07/2011 09:29

    Canada is a beautiful country - a wonderful place to live. YET, I am ashamed of the many inhumane ways it inflicts on our animals. Such examples are the baby seal hunt to horse slaughter to the Stampede. Help show Canada by not participating in the Stampede that animal cruelty is wrong and that you want no part of this rodeo. Please help Canada to become the country it could be filled with compassion, empathy and kindness. We need your help! Thank You!

  • Deborah O'Reilly

    06/07/2011 09:36

    It seems that for the sake of popularity Kate and William do not have the courage to decline attending this event- or perhaps they find cruelty entertaining? They should try to set an enlightened example not be yet another crass example of people who want to be entertained at the most mindless level.

  • Vivien

    06/07/2011 09:56

    William I truly believe that your mother Princess Dianna looks down on you as you have been growing up - and I feel sure she feels nothing but love and pride for you. = But please - like her when she was here - make a stand and show the world that you turn your back on all forms of animal cruelty. Refuse to ever attend any function where animals may be treated inhumanely. = They may have been born in the form of an animal and not a human, but they still have the right to dignity and kindness. = Please listen to the people of this country.

  • very rev james thompson

    06/07/2011 10:14

    Yes, this is enough to make Diana turn in her grave.

  • vanessa marton

    06/07/2011 10:15

    I would have thought to gain respect from the British public, William and Kate should be made aware that supporting this form of cruelty does nothing to endorse our faith in the monarchy. This and other cruel so called sports involving the abuse of innocent creatures should be banned and are frowned upon by decent folk in the same way as child abuse and wife beating. I would no more get pleasure out of watching this than any form of repulsive torture, And I fail to see how anyone can.

  • Ann Mair

    06/07/2011 10:33

    My disgust at the actions of our British monarchy does not amaze me, they are just doing what every other person in authority in this country does - they are going along with barbaric acts in order not to upset their hosts. Well just for once can we please stand up for ourselves and say NO it does not stand with our british way of life and therefore we will not condone it! It is about time that we as a nation of so called animal lovers stopped placating those who are not!

  • Raymond Ings

    06/07/2011 11:27

    As a Canadian citizen and qualified animal welfare scientist and appointed animal welfare advisor to DEFRA for nine years I wish to add my support to the League's campaign to pursuade the Royals not to attend the appalling Calgary Stampede.It is cruelty dressed up as macho entertainment and it shames me as a Canadian that this crulety spectacle continues. Sadly animal welfare has a very low priority in Canada. As far as attitudes to animals are concerned the country has a lot of growing up to do.

  • clara

    06/07/2011 11:51

    I beilived yours was a Fairy tale love story...... how wrong I was, If you can watch such a pain inflicted to animals Im convinced you both are incapable of feeling love. Animals are created by God, what gives anybody the right to inflict pain to such creatures, If you enjoy this kind of show....!!! God help the future of England!!!

  • Raymond

    06/07/2011 12:10

    I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and would not support this as a Canadian activity. Although, it is mainly an Alberta show, it is not humane and a blight on Alberta. The people that run the show do not care about the animals, and are strong-handed about notting letting see the horrible activites that take place behind the seens. Shame on any one that attends this show, as too many animals are killed or harmed each year during this show.

  • Compassionate

    06/07/2011 12:33

    People who enjoy animal suffering and promote it command no respect. William and katherine not only shoot innocent sentient animals for sport, they obviously also enjoy spectacles which involve animal suffering. To top it all, Katherine also enjoys foie de gras which is the result of the most unbelievable torture of geese and ducks. I wish they would put first their role as representatives of the UK and choose ethically instead of indulging their abhorrent taste for animal sacrifice.

  • Raquel Medina

    07/07/2011 04:37

    What kind of person are you? A little mercy in your hearts !! How can you enjoy such cruelty!! I hope all of you pay soon the damage that you are doing.

  • Eileen Kinghorn

    07/07/2011 08:50

    It is disgusting how animals are subjected to shameful humiliation and suffering in the name of entertainment. How dare these arrogant individuals, filled with their own self-importance, gain so much pleasure from witnessing these vile events. No animal should suffer for entertainment, for Royalty or otherwise. It's appalling.

  • Edward Jones

    07/07/2011 11:19

    Such a disappointment to me that you are attending this cruel event, I had hoped you would have reconsidered. To be in such a powerful position as you are both in, you could have sent out a positive animal friendly message by not going.

  • Gary Smith

    08/07/2011 10:35

    Why support a Royal family that does not listen to the views of its people?Its as though they live on a different planet.

  • Karen Hardy

    13/08/2011 06:40

    What a shame William & Kate don't feel the same as I, and all those others who have commented, feel. With the amount of interest the world has in them they could do so much to highlight and to benefit animal welfare causes. I wonder if they really don't care, or if they are just naively following the lead of the other royals. Either way they should know better. I just hope that somehow they are made aware of our views, so that they might give them some thought.

  • eddie

    25/08/2011 08:53

    Mmmmm.Let's get a few things straight. 1:If the 'vast majority' (as you seem so keen to claim)even cared enough to express an opinion,then maybe it would have an effect,but they don't,so how you can make such a claim is beyond me. 2:A Doctor asked if we were living in medieval times,then dated the comment in Roman numerals? 3:Diana is not looking down on anyone,let alone either of her sons.She's dead. 4:As representatives of our country,politics will play a part in the places they visit,so I doubt they will even be given much choice. By all means campaign about whatever issues you want;but you've got to live in the real world if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Helene Beck

    13/06/2012 05:56

    Please listen to League Against Cruel Sports! - For the animals' sakes who suffer and can't speak for themselves. Thank you.

  • daniela laudati

    13/06/2012 10:21

    Dimostrate la vostra superiorità aiutando i più deboli e facendo abolire sport crudeli, che dello sport non hanno proprio nulla ! Un saluto da Venezia

  • David PJ Doble

    18/07/2012 09:41

    Shame on the royals! Do they not have a conscience?

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