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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Fox attacks twin babies

Posted 06/06/2010 by League Campaigner

News sources are this evening reporting an apparent attack on twin babies at a house in Stoke Newington, London, last night. The fox apparently entered the house through a window or door left open for ventilation in the hot weather.

It's a horrid story, and our thoughts are with the family who must be experiencing quite some distress. The thing that always surprises us is the ignorance of the reaction by some in the media.

We've now had two calls. The first, from the BBC, was very measured. The second, from a news source we won't embarass through identification, asked us if this was a further example of the problems foxes cause since the ban on hunting with dogs.

Yes, that really was his question. I asked him to turn his own question into reverse. When, I asked, could he recall a fox hunt in Stoke Newington? He realised the error of his ways.

Foxes are wild animals and they will kill for food if they have to, although that is extremely rare both for urban and rural foxes, and the Telegraph's reporting of this case makes that clear.

We wish the girls a speedy recovery.

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  • Kellie

    07/06/2010 01:16

    Hmm I've read the Telegraph article and something just doesn't seem quite right. While I am not suggesting the children were not attacked, I do question however that it was a fox. The article mentions on 2-3 times that fox attacks are rare, there is also no mention that anyone actually saw the fox. IMO it's questionable whether it was foxes at all.

  • M Smith

    07/06/2010 01:50

    I wish the girls a quick recovery too; such attacks are a rare and isolated case.

  • Harleen

    07/06/2010 04:23

    I don't believe the attack was caused by a fox. It disgusts me how every sicko in the country is jumping on the band wagon to use this as a lame excuse to bring back hunting - even if it was a fox that did this but I have strong doubts. And to Chris I haven't watched the Wright stuff since Matthew made a sick comment about a cat being killed. I wouldn't give him the time of day let alone the ratings.

  • Chris

    07/06/2010 08:55

    Lets hope these small Children make a full recovery.Qeustionable whether it was a Fox at all?...maybe it was a North America Prairie Dog!!When are people going to understand, with the increase in Fox populations these types of attacks might become regular things...lets hope i am wrong!

  • Sarah

    07/06/2010 09:56

    The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 have covered this story this morning and related to it, thought it was great that the council offered the services of a man with a gun to shoot a fox in your house (assuming Tracey was telling the truth). This is the second time they have supported the murder of foxes (the previous being the fox shot at the Cricket ground a while back). It makes me sick that Matthew gets away with such comments. I do hope the babies recover, but you cant help but wonder were the foxes provoked if they were even foxes? I have lived in the country my whole life and never had one approach me!


    07/06/2010 11:03

    Yes, helpless babies were severely mauled and one hopes they make a good recovery, but one incident does not make a cause for licensed recreational warfare! Babies are mainly attacked by dogs and cats, and in this area there was a policy of humanely shooting problem foxes - leave the Hunting Act as it is and leave Parliament to sort out the dire economic crisis!

  • Chris

    07/06/2010 11:41

    Murder of foxes Sarah???..and maybe the Fox was provoked...what by small Children asleep?...come on be realistic will you.

  • Chris

    08/06/2010 02:26

    kellie im afraid you mis read my comment i agree 100% that most dogs that attack do so because of the way the neanderthal Owners bring them up.But i still believe that if any Animal attacks a human it should be put to sleep.Watch the Dog Whisperer ...i really dont think i will be watching that as i know someone who has actually worked on the show in the US and what isnt shown is how the Dogs on that show are beaten into doing what they are told off camera...Barbara Woodhouse did exactly the same if you remember her so please dont be so naive as to believe that Guy has the power to alter an Animals behaviour he hasnt. These are facts i know for sure as like i said i KNOW someone who has worked on that Show as its only a show after all....a way of winning people over so they buy his it capitalism if you will!

  • M Stoneman

    08/06/2010 07:38

    In my opinion, it's not about ..putting to sleep or murber of foxes, it's about BREEDING, we know there are those who purposly breed fox so as to kill them for fun. I await the headlines 'THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MARCH THROUGH LONDON, BEGGING THE GOVERNMENT TO SOLVE THE SPREAD OF FOXES PROBLEM' on horse back and packs of dogs of course

  • Kellie

    08/06/2010 11:05

    Chris how is pointing out facts, character assasination? It's not it is. And you still miss the point, why should any animal be put to sleep, when either it is a wild animal, or a dog say with irresponsible owners? Why should the blame always be put on the non-human. The increase of Foxes coming into urban areas is mainly because of humans, so should we blame them then and not humanity?Chris it is relevant how, say a dog is raised you are naive if you think it isn't. Some people do not have a clue when it comes to animals.Oh yes that's the answer then just put the animal down as it does it a favour, very simplisitic viewpoint don't you think. No we shouldn't be putting the animal down it needs to be rehabilitated as most dogs can be, even the ones considered to be supposedly dangerous. I would say we need to look at humans first and foremost as they are the ones who create all the problems. And humanity is rubbish at living alongside nature, man thinks he is superior and thinks he knows it all, we could learn a lot from non-humans if only we would listen.Chris I suggest you watch the dog whisperer, you could learn a lot.

  • Sarah

    08/06/2010 11:32

    The Wright Stuff on Channel 5 have covered this story this morning and related to it, thought it was great that the council offered the services of a man with a gun to shoot a fox in your house (assuming Tracey was telling the truth). This is the second time they have supported the murder of foxes (the previous being the fox shot at the Cricket ground a while back). It makes me sick that Matthew gets away with such comments. I do hope the babies recover, but you cant help but wonder were the foxes provoked if they were even foxes? I have lived in the country my whole life and never had one approach me!

  • Matthew Doye

    08/06/2010 11:34

    Attacks by dogs on people are not a rare occurrence as Health Authority figures show, the number of A&E visits caused by dogs runs into the thousands per year, in addition there are several deaths each year from dog attacks. n.b. The most likely way to be injured in human-fox interaction is falling off a horse when hunting.

  • Chris

    09/06/2010 10:36

    Best of luck with the degree Kellie.As for what you think of my comments c`est la vie !

  • Annabella Laws

    10/06/2010 02:52

    To much of the story simply dose not add up at all, its all outside of a fox's normal behavior, i know out here int he sticks they take young deer, but the whole story of this event simply sounds more like a common dog attack. I know both Urban and the Country fox, the Country fox is more weary of humans then the urban fox, mostly because out here int he sticks they have to deal with packs of drunken gun toting or dog pack leading humans. In the towns and city's they have sick people with pit balls and staffy's urban hunting them, but they also see humans as a souse of easy food in much the say way our cats and dogs do, thanks to people leaving out food for them. But a fox attack? this needs looking into deeper, much deeper, even urban foxes are timid, and only a rabid fox would stoop to this as anything infected with rabis goes mad. The timing is ALL wrong and to conveniently close to the vote of lifting the ban on hunting with hounds.

  • Bex

    10/06/2010 04:26

    I just don't believe that it was a fox that did this. . . I also watched a VERY blurry video of another supposed 'fox attack' on Yahoo News a few weeks back and I've got a funny feeling that we're in for similar stories like this. . . ? I think Mr. Cameron wants to try and get some UK banning for the repeal of the hunting act. Please don't let his lies win!

  • Chris

    10/06/2010 04:47

    Please come on people this isnt about Politics or the right or worngs of Fox Hunting.This is about two helpless young Children who were attacked by an Animal whether it was a Fox or not the fact remains it WAS an Animal.I hope these Kids recover and arent damaged mentally in any way by this attack.So it was a Fox??...prove wasnt a Fox?...prove it.Its those two kids who are important here.Ifs and ands and buts wont win me over in to believing anything else other than the truth and the truth will eventually come out.To say this is a story to help this one or that one in Politics...come on are you really that naive??

  • Alison

    10/06/2010 12:10

    I suspect that it was a wild cat/released and the family have be told to keep it quiet! (PS I have seen evidence of a wild cat in Surrey area and I am NOT a crank) I was told to keep stum! Or it was a prairie dog. I grew up in the countryside and can assure you all that even a cornered fox WILL run and will NOT come near humans, even if you put food for them they wait for you to go! It was not a Fox!! But we will never know the truth, sorry guys! A

  • Amanda

    11/06/2010 01:00

    I have to say I don't believe a word of it and I think a full investigation should be carried out - do the Kouparris's own pets, have they been feeding the foxes or was it simply in the house which it was familar with due to feeding and got startled when discovered and reacted quite normally by trying to flee whilst perhaps scratching the children in the process - the story has changed so much that I find it ridiculous - yesterday the lady said the fox tried to drag the child off - I hardly think so!

  • Mandy

    11/06/2010 01:06

    Annabelle with regard to the fox attack I totally agree - this fox attack has very conviniently happened seeing as the government want to lift the ban and most decent humans don't agree with hunting - but put a fox against a baby and you've lost some support - very strange and quite frankly unbelieveable

  • Chris

    11/06/2010 11:08

    I really cant believe some of the comments on this subject...the Fox was Pet...lift the ban fodder...what the hell these Kids were badly injured.I though that this was a forum for open minded people.Lets blame the Children eh naive.Lets hope this sort of attack doesnt happen to one of your Children or any children in your family.Good bye oh Dreadlocked lice ridden ones...yeah like you standardise anyone who doesnt have the same views as you wonderful people do.By the way i am 100% against any Animal cruelty but hate the thought of Kids being injured !!

  • Kellie

    12/06/2010 05:10

    Thanks chris, regarding my degree. Yes I guess it is life, but just a shame you couldn't enhance your simplistic statements further, as many poor animals are put to sleep because of that mentality.

  • Chris

    12/06/2010 10:06

    Kellie i would rather Animals die than People everytime.Like i said totally i am anti hunting etc but when it comes to Humans v Animals i know what side im on.

  • Roy Allen

    14/06/2010 06:01

    Yes we feel sorry for any child injured in any way . But what odds could you get from a bookie for getting attacked by a fox ? How many cases are recorded . I doubt if there are any , except possibly huntsmen or gamekeepers and terrier men and such like scum. There was no a fox , it is just publicity to support bringing back hunting. Perhaps these people who want to start shooting foxes should think about shooting paedophiles as the risk of a child being injured by one is a million times greater than a child being attacked by a fox.

  • Disgusted

    03/07/2010 03:46

    Annabella Laws abusive comments directed at the parents of the twins on various forums and media websites, will cause great harm to the image of Animal Rights. Her association will prevent many from contributing much needed support. I am absolutely horrified at what she has done.

  • Deirdre

    06/07/2010 04:39

    I dont believe it, I feel this has been an manoevere of some kind, orchestrated in part to repeal the Fox Hunting legislation. Domestic Dog? Who knows. Feral Cat? Maybe. At the end of the day it all seems fishy and suspect from go to whoah, animal experts from all over GB have been on saying how out of character this attack was, everyone cant be wrong. Something/someone attacked those twins, I just doubt very much it was the fox.

  • omoscow

    11/07/2010 09:49

    The fact is fox hunting is coming back, this is the begining. not that anyone stopped. LACS are a powerless little organisation that have NO POWER. keep hunting

  • anti corrida

    15/08/2010 04:50

    Ha ha. In your dreams pal. If fox hunting was really coming back there would be an outcry. The fact is that lifting the hunting ban will see a rise in such cases, as foxes (and any other animal) react more aggressively when they are threatened. When you think about the trauma that these protectors of the countryside routinely inflict on animals, such as breeding them specifically for hunting, cubbing, etc, it's likely that they will begin to display severely disturbed behaviour. Behaviour which may lead to them attacking humans, dogs, other foxes, or other animals. Not saying that's what happened in this case but bringing back fox hunting is an utterly moronic, as well as totally unproportional, solution to the problem.

  • Ian

    25/08/2010 08:22

    This attack shows that foxes are wild animals and not cuddly 'basil brush' type characters. Foxes in the countryside hunt for their own food, so hunting is normal to them. I don't see a problem with hunting foxes with hounds in rural areas, but it needs to be properly controlled and I think this is what the current government would prefer. Some people do not seem to be able to understand that foxes are wild animals and are certainly capable of such an attack. I have personally witnessed numerous chickens and lambs slaughtered by foxes, with only a very small proportion of the carcasses eaten, indicating that foxes have a lust for killing much more than for food.

  • Gabble

    14/09/2010 06:50

    I smell a big fat kipper here. It must be the bravest fox ever. My Grandfather used to save foxes from the Gamekeeper, Farmer, Poacher when he was a young lad. He even 'adopted' one and had it on a lead as a dog. He used to tell me that they were a very nervous animal and tended to stay out of the way. They had a fear of humans, (who can blame them - I have the same problem).

  • Rhianna Connie Dix

    22/09/2010 11:45

    Funnily enough a few weeks ago the parents of the babies realised they forgot to mention they have two jack russel dogs as pets. part of me says hmmm, and another part knows that surely if there was a fox in the house the dogs would go mad? Something not quite right. My heart goes for the poor innocent defenceless foxes that had it taken out on them afterwards. I swear people just love an excuse to go out killing animals. its disgusting.

  • Ami

    27/10/2010 11:15

    Let's not forget that it is us humans who are encroaching on the wildlife. We have taken away their natural habitats as we have spread out. Rather than stomp our feet when (if) a wild animal attacks, perhaps we should just take more care of ourselves, our families and livestock. If we are living in an area where urban foxes (for example) are known to be a 'problem', then stop leaving food strewn about, clear up after ourselves, and don't leave doors and window open if we have vunerable children/adults/pets in those rooms. Us humans need to take more responsiblity and stop blaming others all the time. .if any Animal attacks...put it down end of. [chris] Don't forget, Chris, humans are animals, and humans attack and kill - death sentence for them too is it?

  • eddie

    11/08/2011 10:07

    I honestly can't believe some of the comments some have posted on here.Wake up people,this isn't Wind in the Willows,this is the real world!Foxes are extremely inquisitive and will investigate any animal distress signals(very much like the noises a restless baby makes)they hear,and are very opportunistic hunters. As for the comment in the original post:'Foxes are wild animals and they will kill for food if they have to,although this is extremely rare both for urban and rural foxes'!!!!Are you serious?Extremely rare?They kill in a rural environment on a daily basis.Where do you think they get fed...Tesco? Even in an urban environment there are mice,rats,slugs ,worms pets etc.PLEASE....get a grip on reality!

  • Anna Bohach

    30/09/2012 04:11

    I feel sorry for the babies but the story is the antifox propaganda. What happened to the two pet dogs? They alegedly dissapeared next day after the incident? I leave in London and there are quite a few foxes in my area. They have never caused any problems. They run away at a sight of a cat and some of them get more tame if people feed them and allow people to come closer within 4-5 m. If some people don't like foxes and think that foxes are a nuisance in London, they should think about rats. Foxes keep rats population under control and we would be overrun by rats if we get rid of foxes. I really feel privileged having opportunity to see every year a new generation of little foxes growing and playing at night. It is very therapeutic and much more pleasant than watching people pissed out of their brains walking home from a pub.

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