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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Fox Hunting

hunting with dogs 

Hunting wild animals with dogs for sport was banned in Scotland in 2002 and England and Wales in 2004. These are fantastic achievements, however, the war to stamp out hunting in the UK is not yet won.  

There have been two attempts to weaken the Hunting Act by David Cameron, most recently in July 2015. We were at the forefront of the campaign to ensure that this attempt to bring back hunting by the back door did not succeed.

As a key player in the hard-fought battle to get hunting with dogs banned, the League Against Cruel Sports is working hard to ensure the law is enforced, and that any attempts to amend or repeal the legislation are successfully exposed and blocked.

Rest assured, after 90 years of campaigning to both bring about and enforce a ban on hunting with hounds for sport, we remain ever vigilant in defence of the Act. For now though the foxes, hares, deer and other wild mammals that the legislation protects, remain safe from the full horrors of traditional hunting.

Traditionally in the United Kingdom, foxes, deer and hares have been the key targets for hunts. Other animals including mink have also been targeted.


The fox hunting season runs from 1st November to March/April, depending on which part of the country the hunt is based in. A traditional fox hunt takes place on horseback, using up to 40 dogs (specially bred fox hounds),although in upland areas hunting takes place on foot. More... 

Deer and stags

There are three registered deer hunting packs based in the south west of England which hunt red deer. Roe deer are also hunted by some unregistered buckhound packs in the south west of England. The hunting of red deer is divided into three phases based on the age and sex of the deer. More...


Hares are also hunted with packs of hounds, typically followed on foot but there are packs which operate on horseback. The hare hunting season runs from September or October, depending on the type of pack used, until March. More...

Terrier Work

Terrier work, which is often associated with hunting, sees dogs, usually terriers, introduced to a fox hole to flush out or force a wild animal to escape. More...

This section includes everything you need to know about hunting in the UK. Just click on the links below!

take action to save the hunting act

TAKE ACTION: Take part in our most recent campaign to fight the repeal of the Hunting Act. It is vital that MPs know that you, one of their constituents - email them TODAY..

hunting facts and fiction

Those who support hunting with dogs use several arguments as to why these illegal activities should be made legal again. Here are the facts and fiction behind these.

is hunting cruel

Hunting with dogs is cruel. That is the conclusion of the vast majority of people in Britain and why it was outlawed more than a decade ago.


Foxycology is dedicated to challenging the misconceptions and myths surrounding foxes and promoting tolerance and understanding of this essential native species.

brown hare

Only two in ten British people think fox hunting should be made legal again, and even fewer want a return to deer and hare hunting (one in ten).

hunting and the law

The Hunting Act has proven to be an effective and popular piece of legislation. Yet the pro-hunt lobby has waged an on-going campaign of disinformation about the Act.