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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Where your money goes

The League has developed effective ways to thwart cruelty to animals in sport, gaining public support and causing difficulty for the perpetrators of cruelty

There are four key things your donation will help us do:

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Expose cruelty to animals through

  • Investigations and evidence gathering
  • Police liaison and prosecutions
  • Publishing research and reports to gain media coverage

Raise awareness and campaign for change through

  • Lobbying politicians, public figures, and businesses
  • Campaigning for new laws and helping to enforce existing laws by working with the police to bring to justice those who commit illegal acts of cruelty for sport
  • Running public awareness raising campaigns
  • Engaging in debate and highlighting animal cruelty in the media

Help people whose lives are being detrimentally affected by cruel sports through

  • Providing advice and support
  • Acting as an intermediary with the authorities to get results

deer and calf on sanctuary

Remain active in heavily hunted areas in the South of England to frustrate the perpetrators of cruelty and help protect animals by

  • Maintaining safe havens 
  • Monitoring the area for illegal hunting
  • Through our investigations and legal team we have worked closely with the police and CPS to ensure those who hunt animals for sport are brought to justice.  To date there has been an average one conviction every two weeks since the ban began in 2005
  • Working as part of a coalition to gain a ban on bullfighting in Catalonia
  • Hare coursing has been banned in Northern Ireland following many years of campaigning by the League