Many millions of animals suffer and die each year for the sake of ‘sport’.

We’re here to protect them.

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Dog Fighting

It's time to fight against dog fighting in the UK. It's time for action.

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Author: Luis Calvo

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The League owns wildlife sanctuaries in Somerset and Devon, where animals can live free from persecution



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Animals are hurt illegally in the name of sport and we want to hear about it. You can report wildlife crime and dog fighting through our confidential Animal Crimewatch service.

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Key Campaigns

  • Fox Hunting

    Hunting was banned in England and Wales in 2004, but the law has never been properly enforced, and attempts to weaken or repeal it continue. The hunting law in Scotland is weak, and hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland. Read more

  • Dog Fighting

    It's time to fight against dog fighting in the UK. It's time for action.

    Sign our dog fighting petition
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  • Shooting

    100,000 birds are shot every day in the UK during the shooting season. Commercial shooting in the UK is a cynical industry which exploits loopholes in animal welfare laws, puts our landscape at risk and exaggerates any financial benefit to the economy. Read more

Latest News & Research

  • Pre-World War I Animal Cruelty Sentencing Needs Urgent Review

    106 years ago, Parliament enacted the Protection of Animals Act, which banned various forms of cruelty to animals. In the time since, a lot has happened: two World Wars, women’s suffrage, the creation of television and the internet. The world has moved on a lot. And yet something remains the same: a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment for animal cruelty offences. Read more

  • If Brexit means Brexit, then the hunting ban should mean a hunting ban

    Twelve years on from the Hunting Act coming into force, hunters need to stop breaking the law, authorities need to ensure the law is enforced throughout the country, and sentencing for animal cruelty needs strengthening so that the time fits the crime. Read more

  • The Act that made hunting an underground covert deception

    Head of Policy and Research Jordi Casamitjana recalls the day the Hunting Act first came into force - 12 years ago Read more

  • A battle of the seasons

    Over the past week there has been a battle raging on Baronsdown. Not a battle between two majestic stags, as we might witness during the autumn rut, but a much greater battle between two forces of nature, winter and spring. Read more